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Animal shelter volunteers unveil new name, plans for foundation

Animal shelter volunteers unveil new name, plans for foundation
Staff Reporter
Wags & Whiskers: Safe Haven has been chosen as the name for the group working on a new countywide animal shelter.
The name is a combination of suggestions from Judy Barker and Sibyl Leggett and was officially adopted by those who attended a meeting Monday night at the Obion County Public Library.
The new name for the shelter was one of several key issues settled Monday night as the volunteer group continues to work toward establishing an animal shelter.
The group’s new name will now be registered with Secretary of State Tre Hargett and a bank account will be opened using the new name.
At this point, the animal shelter group is working on building a foundation that will serve as a platform to raise enough money to start and operate a full-service animal shelter.
The first donation was made Monday night by Beverly Wheeler, who was involved in the former Partners of the Animal Adoption Center of Union City. That group no longer exists but still had just over $350 in its bank account, all of which was donated to the new animal shelter group. Ms. Wheeler is now serving as the vice chairman of the new animal shelter group.
The donation will be used to finance the shelter group’s application for non-profit status.
The animal shelter group met for more than an hour Monday night.
Two key positions were filled at the meeting with the acceptance of the treasurer’s position by Carolyn Bloebaum and Ildi Van De Putte agreeing to work on marketing and promotions for the organization.
Among the projects discussed at Monday night’s meeting included participation in this year’s Obion County Fair and Corn Fest. The animal shelter group is considering a booth at the fair to promote its work and involvement in the Corn Fest celebration could be used as a marketing tool for the organization.
There was talk at Monday’s meeting of coming up with a logo using the group’s new name. The new logo could possibly be used on brochures, T-shirts, caps and other promotional materials.
The animal shelter group will meet again at 7 p.m. May 15 at the local library. The meeting is open to the public.
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