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UC prepares for annual clean-up event

UC prepares for annual clean-up event
Associate Editor
The weather is nice, the birds are singing and flowers are blooming. All are signs that Union City City Beautiful Commission is planning its annual clean-up event for the city.
The group is hoping to rid the City of Union City of all unsightly household trash and limbs and is asking all citizens participate in this effort Saturday through May 19.
Residents are being en-couraged to get out and cut their grass and tidy up their yards, being careful  not to allow their grass clippings to get into the roadway, as this could stop up the storm drainage system.
Items can be placed curbside for pick-up by the Union City Public Works Department or may be taken to special dumpsters set up for Union City residents to dispose of the items they pull from their garages, shed, attics and closets. Dumpsters will be located on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, at the former Reelfoot Packing Co., on the vacant lot across from the Hostess store on East Jackson Street, at the National Guard armory and at Save-A-Lot.
No paint cans or rubber tires should be dumped during this time. The Obion County Recycle Center is planning a special day on May 19 for residents to dispose of household hazardous waste.
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