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Evaluation begins for Gary Houston

Evaluation begins for Gary Houston
Staff Reporter
Just as students in the Union City School System are involved in year-end tests, so is Director of Schools Gary Houston.
The Union City School Board laid the groundwork for the evaluation of Houston Tuesday night and will finish the process at its next regularly scheduled meeting, which is set for May 8.
The first hour of Tues-day’s meeting had Houston going over his goals and objectives from this school year. His status report of the school system was very positive and was well received by the board.
Houston discussed various academic goals and also updated the board on improvements that are being made to the city’s three school buildings. He also reported on the status of the school system’s transportation program.
It was evident from his report that the Union City School System is clearly focused on providing its students with a well-rounded education designed to prepare them for the future, which is part of the school board’s mission statement.
Houston talked about how iPads are being used by students and teachers and he discussed how distance learning labs are being used.
Following Houston’s re-port, he left the meeting and the board met for another half hour, to make sure they had all information necessary to discuss Houston’s job performance and his contract.
Houston is in the unique position of drafting his own set of goals for the school system, which are reviewed by the board. That system has worked well for the past two years and will be used again for this coming school year.
School board chairman Glenda Caudle is scheduled to meet with Houston on Thursday to discuss the details of Tuesday’s board meeting and to discuss his contract.
Houston has a four-year contract with the board, which is traditionally renewed one year after each annual evaluation. After Mrs. Caudle meets with Houston, she will report back to the board at its orientation meeting early next month.
Houston’s contract and his 2012-13 goals will be on the agenda of the school board’s May 8 meeting.
He has served as Union City’s director of schools since 1997.
Published in The Messenger 4.25.12

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