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Crystal FCE meets

Crystal FCE meets

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 8:00 pm

The Crystal Family and Community Education club met recently at the Obion County Museum.
President Nadine Killion welcomed members. The monthly devotional entitled “The Second Ten Commandments” was given by Nita Simpson. She read and discussed 10 ways to help solve everyday problems that can lead to stress. Her closing thoughts were, “Happiness leaves you sweet, trials keep you strong, sorrow keeps you human, failure keeps you humble, success keeps you glowing, but only God keeps you going.”
Information concerning the upcoming Tennessee Association FCE Fashion Revue was distributed to all members. The event will be held June 18, with registration beginning at 9 a.m. and judging to begin at 10. The fashion show will begin at 1 p.m. Joyce Taylor will accept garments and register entries. Mrs. Simpson will be in charge of the dressing room and Benita Giffin will narrate the event. Mason Hall Club will make punch for the event and snacks will be purchased. A list of categories and the rules and regulations are listed on the website.
It was reported that the Cultural Arts Day had 85 entries and was very successful. Mason Hall had two new members that entered the event this year. Jane Fisher reported the Convention Planning Committee was working on individual packets for those attending this event, which will be held in November. She reminded the group there is a need for handmade crafts to sell at the gift shop during convention. The mini conference will be held July 27 and all dress revue winners will need to plan to attend in order to compete for district honors.
The Obion County Fair will be Aug. 13-18 and the Crystal Club will be in charge of the Woman’s Building on that Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Mrs. Killion asked if anyone knew of someone who would like to do working demonstrations during fair week. Everyone was reminded that most fair entries will be accepted on Aug 4. Adult culinary items will be entered on Aug. 13.
Mrs. Fisher requested that all CVUs (community volunteer units) be turned in to her before May 1 in order to be counted in the region by June l. Creative writing items are due June 1 to the county and July 1 to the region. Rules and regulations concerning creative writing are found in the member’s handbook. Mrs. Fisher also reported that a “chicken scratch” craft workshop will be held on May 21 at the county museum beginning at 9:30 a.m.
The April project for the club was to make a donation to the 4-H Club camp account. Mary Dunavant moved that the club donate $50 to this cause. Nita Simpson seconded it and the motion passed. Anita Simpson moved that the club go out to eat for their July meeting instead of in August because everyone was so busy with the fair. Diane Johnson seconded the motion and the motion passed.
This month’s program about hearing loss was led by Anita Simpson. Hearing loss may affect a person’s life in many ways. It can range from missing certain sounds to total loss of hearing. Hearing problems may make people feel anxious, upset and left out. It is easy to withdraw from people when one can’t follow what is being said. There are many treatments — hearing aids, certain medicines or surgery.
There are two kinds of hearing loss common in people. The first one is Presbycusis, a common type of hearing loss that comes on slowly as a person ages. The second type of hearing loss is Tinnitus. This may cause a ringing, roaring or a hissing noise in your ear. It can be a sign of other health problems.
Loud noise is the most common cause of hearing loss and may be prevented by turning down the sound on stereos, televisions or headphones; by moving away from loud noise; or using earplugs or other ear protection if one must work in loud environments.
Ear wax or fluid build-up can also block sound in the ear. If wax build-up is the problem, try using mild treatments such as mineral oil, baby oil, glycerin or commercial ear drops to soften ear wax. Never put an object in the ear and apply pressure as this can damage the eardrum. Viruses and bacteria, heart conditions, stroke, brain injuries or tumors may affect hearing as well. Even new medication may cause hearing loss. These types of losses need to be checked by a doctor or an otolaryngologist.
There are hearing devices that can help. Hearing aids are electronic battery-run devices that make sounds louder. There are several types of these available. There are also many new products that can help a person hear better such as telephone amplifiers, TV and radio listening systems that let a person hear them without background noise, and alert systems that work with doorbells, smoke detectors and alarm clocks that send visual signals or vibrations.
A new device called a Cochlear implant is available for people with severe hearing loss. This is a device that is surgically implanted under the skin. Many people develop hearing problems as they grow older. Today, there are many ways to improve hearing. Professional help should be sought as soon as a problem is noticed.
After a delicious snack was served by hostess Mrs. Simpson, the craft session was led by Mrs. Killion. The craft for the day was to decorate a flower pot or container with a broken dish. Many individual pots were constructed during the session. There were 26 items collected for the women’s shelter.

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