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Parenting classes free at CPC in Martin

Parenting classes free at CPC in Martin
Parenting is a journey, and no one has all the answers. But parenting classes can be a fun and educational way to hone your skills and learn new tricks to keep the little ones in line.
“There’s no time like the present for taking these classes,” said Weakley County Carl Perkins Center director Lori Hendon.
“We offer them every Wednesday and they are free of charge. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of them.”
The parenting curriculum focuses on communication, community and family resources, discipline and family time.
“We focus on the positive aspects of parenting,” Hendon said.
“We have a wonderful curriculum that encourages round-table discussions. Participants will learn from not just the teacher, but also the other participants, who are encouraged to share their ideas during class.”
The 10-week parenting curriculum incorporates videos, printed materials and exercises to enhance the parenting experience.
Participants will receive a certificate following attendance in 10 classes.
Parenting sessions also include information on outlining boundaries and corrective teaching, positive encouragement, setting good examples, parental involvement and developing a routine.
“Even the best parent can learn something from these classes,” Hendon added. “The time is right.”
Parents do not have to be referred to participate in the class.
For more information on the free, 10-week parenting classes, call 587-0768.

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