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Dresden Duplicate Bridge

Dresden Duplicate Bridge

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2012 8:01 pm

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Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club did not meet the week of April 1 due to the death and funeral of one of our beloved and dedicated players of our club. Jo Evelyn Glasgow of Union City died April 1, and her dedication to the Lord was the following Wednesday morning at the First Baptist Church in Union City. It was a beautiful memorial service with her son, Jimmy, giving a eulogy of her life and her two grandsons singing solos. James Kirkland sang “How Great Thou Art,” and Ben Glasgow sang “It Is Well With My Soul.” Both were extremely beautiful.
On April 10 our club met and had four and a half tables and played 28 hands. All the players were expressing their desire to come in first and vying for the top position.
While playing, they all had choices of what to nibble on. There were homemade sweet pickles with hot, Mexican cornbread; blocks of  mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese; chocolate almonds, spinach dip with assorted crackers; Hershey candy bars and a St. Patrick’s chocolate cake.
Winners were 1st – Freddye Oliver of Union City and Toni Pritchett; 2nd – Sarah Pentecost and Tom  Beard; and 3rd – Jack Bogue of Milan, Sue Thompson of Paris; and Gene Fulks and Roberta Meyer, both of Puryear.
With the presidential race coming up this year, we will hear about lots of politics. Let’s talk about a former president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Eisenhower and his wife were devoted, faithful, loving, and loyal always to bridge.

While he was stationed in England during World War II, his personal driver was an attractive woman named Kay Summersby.

He was supposedly impressed enough with Summersby’s driving (ahem) to request that she be his full-time driver for the rest of the war. It is widely believed that the two shared a physical relationship, but really who knows? I’m not telling.

Published in The WCP 4.19.12

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