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Native American performs unique ceremony

Native American performs unique ceremony
Native American performs unique ceremony | Native American performs unique ceremony
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John Lone Eagle be-stowed a special Apache blessing on two bald eagles housed behind the Reelfoot Lake State Park Visitors Center Saturday morning.
With Apache music playing in the background, Lone Eagle was outfitted in a bright yellow costume accented with feathers and beads as he entered the eagle cage carrying a ceremonial staff and a small smoking bowl.
In his native Apache tongue, Lone Eagle circled the cage before conducting his ritual honoring the two bald eagles.
Outside the cage, a crowd gathered to witness the unique ceremony.
Lone Eagle appeared in the Kevin Costner movie “Dances With Wolves” and has worked as a stunt double in Hollywood. He informed organizers of the Knap In event that he will return this fall for the 41st Annual Reelfoot Lake Arts & Crafts Festival, which is scheduled for Oct. 5-7.
Saturday’s bald eagle ceremony was done in connection with the 2nd Annual Knap In event at Reelfoot Lake.
“We were very pleased with the turnout,” event organizer David Haggard said today.
It was estimated more than 1,800 people attended the three-day event.
Several tents were set up behind the visitors center and artisans displayed a variety of Native American artifacts, including arrowheads and a variety of Indian jewelry.
Craftsmen demonstrated the art of flintknapping as they chipped away at small pieces of stone to create their arrowheads. The event also featured fire starting, bow making, blow guns, pottery and traditional Indian music.
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Published in The Messenger 4.16.12

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