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Complaint: Dogs and frogs are disturbing WM family

Complaint: Dogs and frogs are disturbing WM family
Associate Editor
Dogs and frogs — be they domestic or wild — are problem enough for one family in Woodland Mills to bring complaints to the mayor and board of aldermen.
City recorder Thelma Green said she has received a complaint about a family that keeps dogs and has an old swimming pool on their property.
Mrs. Green said a neigh-boring family that brought the complaint said the dogs sometimes get out of the fence and there are so many frogs, presumably breeding in the old pool, that it is hard for them to sleep.
Mayor Wade Carrington said he has called the property owner before about complaints concerning this property, especially the dogs.
Homes and property which need cleaning up or repair were the topic of much discussion in Woodland Mills Monday night.
In addition to the dogs and frogs problem, the board learned there was a complaint about high grass on a property on Gum Street. Mrs. Green said she drove by and noticed it has been mowed.
Carrington said he be-lieves the property in question is owned by a bank and it will probably be mowed only once a month.
It was also noted a property on Highway 5, which was addressed at the March meeting, has been cleaned up. Alderman Tom Menees said the junk has been piled under the carport, but at least it is out of the yard. A vehicle on the property with a tree growing through it has not been removed.
Menees also asked about a property where the roof of an outbuilding is caving in. He was told the residents are both elderly and sick and their son was injured and unable to help. The alderman said he would check with his church to see if there is something that can be done to assist the family.
Woodland Mills residents are reminded the annual spring clean-up will be held April 23. Items which need to be discarded should be placed curbside, not in the roadway, no later than 7 a.m. that day. No tires, paint or hazardous material will be accepted.
In other business, after the meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Menees and in prayer by alderman Waymon Reagan, the board:
• Learned a resident’s grinder pump went out over the weekend. Maintenance employee Perry Carr said the first reserve grinder pump he installed did not work and there was an issue with the second one, which was worked out. Both grinder pumps had been rebuilt.
Menees said the resident called him and was unsure what to do.
Carrington said the residents are sent letters each year, but suggested the city could have instructions for the grinder pump laminated so they can be posted by the light for the grinder pump.
The mayor said if the light comes on, the residents should stop all washing machines and stop flushing their toilets until the city can get someone to repair the problem.
• Approved March financial reports, including total assets of $6,900.02 in the street aid fund, $6,888.58 in the refuse collection fund, $567,369.85 in the sewer fund and $151,175.99 in the general fund.
Carrington said he was going to check with the electric company to see if rates went up on the street lights.
• Was informed $427 in 2011 property taxes have been collected. There are still $161 in property taxes due from 2009, $571 from 2010 and $1,887 from 2011.
• Learned repairs at the Civic Center are under way.
• Heard trash can lids for the park were purchased at JD Distributors.
• Agreed no changes were needed in the insurance policy.
• Agreed to credit residents’ sewer charges from where they fill up swimming pools. An average of the previous three months will determine the monthly fee.
• Told Mrs. Green she could have the carpet cleaned at City Hall.
• Instructed Carr to drive the city’s streets and determine which ones need to be sealed.
“We need to stop the cracks before they get any bigger,” Menees said.
Carr also said he will be spraying the grass in the streets soon.
• Was reminded the next board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. May 14 and set a budget meeting for May 21.
Published in The Messenger 4.10.12

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