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W.C. Deed Transfers – 4.05.12

W.C. Deed Transfers – 4.05.12

Posted: Friday, April 6, 2012 8:00 pm

• Gene Crutchfield and Donna P. Crutchfield to Amanda Vincent, Dist. 13, $113,000.
• William Mark Higgs, Michael L. Higgs, Gary W. Higgs, William B. Higgs and Mary Jane Higgs to Waldrop Dowdy, Dist. 3, $765,000.
• William Mark Higgs, Michael L. Higgs, Gary W. Higgs, William B. Higgs and Mary Jane Higgs to Linda Dowdy, Dist. 3, $393,750.
• William Mark Higgs and Julie Anne Higgs to Linda Dowdy, Dist. 3, $121,250.
• James Donald Evans and Brenda F. Evans to Linda Wufestieg, Dist. 18, $61,000.
• Tina Adams to Tina Adams and Brandon L. Adams, Dist. 2.
• Christopher J. Williams to John R. Wilkes and Amy W. Wilkes, Dist. 11, $8,500.
• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Christopher A. Pentecost and Angie Pentecost, $12,000.
• Janice E. Brewer Cook to Wendell R. Pate and Mary B. Pate, Dist. 2, $46,300.
• James Scarbrough and Elaine Scarbrough to Double B Farms LLC, Dist. 1, $36,000.
• John Lifsey and Christie Lifsey to Brenda Alana Winstead, Dist. 25, $34,394.
• Mark T. Prince to Phu Q. Pham, Dist. 2, $6,000.
• James C. Cr awford to Charles Catlin Adams, Dist. 13, $45,000.
• Linda S. Riddick and Larry D. Riddick to Alan Jay Riddick, Aaron Eugene Riddick and Susan Joy Stephens, Dist. 9, $113,500.
• Rodney L. Miller to Lewis D. Bell and Romona Brenda Bell, Dist. 2, $98,450.
• Joseph L. Tuck to Ronnie Gearin, Dist. 7, $20,000.
• Robert Perry and Karon Moubray to Debra E. Drerup, Dist. 7, $23,000.
• Sammy L. Prince and Cynthia Ann Prince to Timothy Qualls, Dist. 2, $148,000.
• Samuel C. Burkholder to William Petersheim, Dist. 12, $58,500.
• Magdalena M. Burkholder to Nettie Petersheim.
• Lindsey C. Johnson Gordon and Patrick Gordon to Bradley J. Hodges and Chasity Dawn Hodges, Dist. 7, $62,000.
• Paula Howard Thompson Lamb to Robert Owen Mulcahy and Jessica Ann Mulcahy, Dist. 17, $12,500.
• Judy Gassaway Taylor, Tommie Hoofman, Dan Williams, Robert David Williams and Jewel Williams to Denver W. Carnes and Brenda J. Carnes, Dist. 9, $47,700.
• US Bank National Assciation Trustee Mortgage Pass Through Certificates SE to James Sadler, $50,200.
• Charles R. Davis and Lynn Dee Davis to Diana L. Harris, Dist. 19, $20,000.
• Mikel L. Jones and Tresa A. Jones to Charles R. Breeden, Dist. 2, $9,250.
• Alice Clare Colville, Suzanne Steiner, Martha Helen Cunningham and Mary Catherine Freeman Cowan, Dist. 2, $46,000.
• Betty Jean Wilson to Terry Griffin and Wanda Kay Griffin, Dist. 7, $8,000.
• Mark A. McClain to John P. Jolley and Judy K. Jolley, Dist. 23, $135,000.
• Guy Pryor and Jessica  Pryor to Max Oliver and Regina Oliver, Dist. 2, $29,000.
• Royce Bates to David W. Nanney, David Nanney and Troy Nanney, Dist. 10, $54,560.
• Wendell Alexander to David Hutson and Karla Hutson, Dist. 1, $40,000.
• Lewis D. Simmons and Whitney W. Simmons to Jerry A. Thompson and Nancy C. Thompson, Dist. 3, $72,500.
• Bryan Bailey and Kari Bailey to Don R. Davis and Jennifer L. Davis, Dist. 10, $70,000.
• Joshua S. Allen and Bethany N. Allen to Rochelle Alexander, Dist. 2, $107,500.
• Kenneth William Adlum to Rick R. McKenzie, Nancy McKenzie and Katharine A. McKenzie, Dist. 2, $72,150.
• Charles R. Dill and Margaret A. Dill to Joshua S. Allen and Bethany N. Allen, Dist. 2, $180,000.
• Leilani Anderson to Donald Ayers and Shantel Ayers, Dist. 23, $35,178.15.
• Phillip Tyler and Kayla Rendon Tyler to Wendy Carol Bowlin, Dist. 7, $114,500.

WCP 4.05.12


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