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Cub Scouts enjoy Pinewood Derby

Cub Scouts enjoy Pinewood Derby

Posted: Friday, March 30, 2012 6:00 pm

Cub Scouts enjoy Pinewood Derby | Dresden Cub Scouts, Pack 40, Pinewood Derby

PINEWOOD DERBY – Dresden Pack 40 Cub Scouts held its annual Pinewood Derby March 10. Scouts on hand for the event included (in random order) Trent Lewis, Dylan Mosley, Andrew Boyd, Connor McDaniel, Jacob Cook, James Cook, Jeremiah Colley, Jonathan Colley, Jadon Jones, Lance Vaughn, Terry Burkett, Justin Warren, Mark Maddox, Brody Kemp, Will Bradberry, Brady Bell, Cole Monroe, Maconnell Forrester, Paul Nichols, Jayden Dolack, Devin King, Brannon King. Winners of the race were first, Trent Lewis; second, Brady Bell; and third, Jayden Dolack. Winners for “Best of Show” were first, Lance Vaughn; second, Brody Kemp; and third, Andrew Boyd. Winners (not pictured) for the Out-Law race were first, Kevin Diebold; second, Dustin Diebold; and third, Beth McAlister.
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