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Mail scam reported

Mail scam reported

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012 4:54 pm

The Messenger, March 29, 2012

Keith Gurley of 330 Cedar St., Union City, has a warning for local residents not to be fooled by a new mail scam he received earlier this week.
Gurley contacted The Messenger Wednesday about a notice he received in the mail with a Walmart heading that he said looks just like the legitimate Walmart logo. The letter was postmarked out of Orangleville, Ontario, and included Canadian postage. The letter claimed Gurley was a winner of $50,500 in a customer compensation lottery. Also included in the letter was a reference to a Baker, Doneldson, Burman, Caldwell and Berkowitz law firm in Memphis, but when he contacted a law firm with a similar name in Memphis, he was quickly informed to dispose of the letter and was told it was a scam.
Gurley said the letter included a $3,500 check and he was instructed to deposit the check and then send $2,500 to cover the taxes for winning the lottery.
Local residents receiving such notifications are encouraged to treat them as scams unless they can be verified.

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