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Letters to the WCP Editor – 3.27.12

Letters to the WCP Editor – 3.27.12

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012 10:22 am

To the Editor,
This letter is in response to the woman who wrote recently in The Press, expressing her reaction in response to previously published concerns of several outraged women who oppose legislation allowing companies to deny coverage of medical costs of birth control for women, stating that there is a potential violation of First Amendment speech when people receive medical coverage. In the same piece, she also claimed that “Obama-care” legislation has the same effect of curtailing free speech.
Whose free speech are we talking about? The rights of religious organizations and their members, who claim that their version of “greater good” as defined by their religious doctrines and not by others cannot, dictate laws in a democratic society.
Organizations, corporations and governments, made of people, for the people, by the people, do not super cede the rights of individual citizens, and thus, should not dictate or withhold medical treatment of individuals or other primary needs because of some evangelical assumption of high moral ground. Your religious beliefs may tell you that what I do is unacceptable in your religion, but my rights to self-determination still hold ground in America – as I know it.
Your high moral ground is not my high moral ground.
Robin C. Last

To the Editor,
Rather belatedly, the Servant Leaders (Disaster Relief Feeding Team) of the Beulah Baptist Association, wish to thank all area residents who contributed assistance for the citizens of Harrisburg, Ill., who suffered through the deadly and devastating tornado of Feb. 29.  You all brought lots of goods to be given to those people.  
Your monetary donations, helped make it possible, among other things for the Servant Leaders to buy diesel fuel for our generator, which supplied electricity for the preparation of food to serve. Of course, we also purchased food and other needed supplies.
One person even donated a chest freezer which made it possible to store several cases of frozen lasagna for the trip.  We are grateful to Cajun Cookers of Three Way (Tennessee) and Gordon Food Service of Louisville, Ky., for their cooperation. Likewise, two owners loaned their cookers, which were invaluable. Another person donated his seasoned hardwood to fire those.  
In addition to citizens’ support and Martin First Baptist Church aid, Beulah Baptist Association helped in numerous ways. BBA Director of Missions Dr. Jack Long was involved throughout the early phases; he and 3 BBA pastors Mike Hazlewood (Johnson Grove), Mark Dowdy (McConnell), and Darrell Morgan (New Salem of Mason Hall) pulled cookers and the generator to Harrisburg Wednesday evening of March 7.
Naturally, kudos go to Pearce Truck and Auto for the use of their equipment. Lots of people in Harrisburg knew about their big blue truck and frequently showed their gratitude by honking as they drove by. They can be justly proud of their son Joe, our leader, for his compassionate heart and involvement.  
At least 15 Martin First Baptist members and a Troy Baptist member volunteered in Harrisburg while you all lifted us up with your encouragement and prayers. We were blessed to work with the Harrisburg First United Methodist Church. Their volunteer disaster relief feeding coordinator Mary Reed, who lead superbly, looked to us particularly to provide meat. She and her associates, sort of, took loaves and fish and multiplied them through their faith and diligence. Though by our team estimates we prepared food for at least 1,200 meals, those locals made such go much, much farther!      
Various cooking team members were in Harrisburg from Wednesday evening through Saturday afternoon. The team would have remained longer, but the Harrisburg area volunteers suspended activities for Sunday to get some well deserved rest after a hard 10 days or so. Mary and her colleagues assured us that we had aided them immeasurably and that feeding needs were diminishing, in effect, winding down.  
We were all blessed to have ministered there and to have represented so many people back home.   
Many thanks to everyone!
Servant Leaders
(Disaster Feeding Team)

WCP 3.27.12