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OC’s animal shelter project needs your help

OC’s animal shelter project needs your help

Posted: Friday, March 23, 2012 8:00 pm
By: By Kevin Bowden

OC’s animal shelter project needs your help | Kevin Bowden, Just A Thought

It’s been said you can tell a lot about a person’s character by the way they treat animals.
You don’t have to be an animal lover, but treating animals with respect is something we all should do.
If you talk to Sue Archer, we have a long way to go in Obion County when it comes to how we treat our animals.
She is the president of the animal rescue organization Pudge-N-Pals. She is also one of the key people involved in trying to get a new county-wide animal shelter started.
Doris Tanner of Union City, Laura Archer of Troy and several others have gotten involved in the project.
A meeting is set for 7 p.m. Monday at the Obion County Public Library. I encourage you to attend and listen to what the animal shelter group has to say.
The problem is, there is no place for abandoned, abused and neglected animals to be taken in Obion County.
The solution is an animal shelter.
Nothing elaborate, mind you, just a simple place where dogs and cats can be housed and, hopefully, adopted.
Mrs. Archer and her daughter, Laura, have a strong emotional bond with the animal shelter project. They’ve been working for several years rescuing dogs and cats in Obion County and then trying to find them good homes. That means pet owners who understand an animal’s needs and are willing to provide them with a safe and suitable environment.
It’s no more than what parents should provide their children. Mrs. Archer believes we should afford the same courtesy to our four-legged friends.
She is very passionate about her work with Pudge-N-Pals. She never is far from her house phone or cellphone and keeps a notebook and pen handy to take notes from the constant calls she gets about dogs or cats that need rescuing. That need a good home. That need a person to take care of them.
There is a definite need in Obion County for an animal shelter.
In Obion, Police Chief Royce Aker met Thursday night with the city’s police committee to discuss what to do about the city’s stray dog problems. He sent a one-page letter to the Obion City Council which stated in part, “We do not have a kennel to take the dogs to … We do not have a way to catch or transport dogs.”
So when a complaint is received about an abused or abandoned dog, who is responsible and what is done? It’s a good question for Obion County.
Aker even went as far as to contact law enforcement agencies in Hornbeak, Troy, Kenton and South Fulton to find out how they deal with their animal problems. Kenton and South Fulton have part-time dog catchers and procedures in place to deal with stray dogs.
But for many across the county, what to do about stray dogs is something that is ignored.
We can no longer turn our backs on this problem and hope it goes away.
Monday’s meeting will be used to gauge just how much community interest there is in starting a county-wide animal shelter. I personally hope to report back to you about the great turnout at the meeting and the wonderful support for this project.
But that depends on you.
Bright yellow flyers have been distributed and organizers of the meeting are nervously anticipating how well the meeting will go.
Based on the turnout and interest, the group is ready to move forward with coming up with a name, getting incorporated and trying to find the perfect spot to build an animal shelter. This is all very ambitious, but it’s got to start somewhere.
Monday night at the library. Hope to see you there.
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Published in The Messenger 3.23.12