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UC not bothered by Covington; Trenton tough on OC

UC not bothered by Covington; Trenton tough on OC
UC not bothered by Covington; Trenton tough on OC | UC not bothered by Covington; Trenton tough on OC

Union City had no trouble with Covington. Obion Central had a little tougher time against Trenton.
Both Golden Tornado teams posted 7-0 wins over the Chargers at the Middle School courts, while Central suffered a 4-3 girls’ loss and 6-0 boys’ setback to Peabody at the fairground courts in prep tennis action Tuesday night.
The Lady Twisters notched shutouts in four of their five singles matches and lost just five games on the day. The UC boys, meanwhile, toughed out a pair 8-6 wins in singles’ play on the way to the sweep.
Anna Moore, Tara Elam, Jenna Miller and Ellen Bearden all won by 8-0 scores in singles action, while Maddie King defeated Haley Boswell 8-3 at the No. 2 spot.
Moore and Elam teamed for an 8-1 win over Boswell and Sarah Franklin at the No. 1 doubles’ spot, and the duo of King and Miller had that same score in a win over Arianna Cullum and Ariel Hazelrig at No. 2.
Peyton Cox downed Dillan Johnson at No. 3, and Ellis Critchlow stopped Delvin Russell at No. 5 by 8-6 scores to keep UC’s perfect run in boys’ play alive.
Jacob Triplett and Alex Pegram both won by 8-1 scores, defeating Branden Overall and Design Gude at the first and fourth seeds, respectively, while Devin King downed Gerald Dyson 8-3 at No. 2.
Triplett and Cox posted an 8-0 win over Dyson and Overall at No. 1, and King and Pegram defeated Johnson and Russell 8-2 at No. 2 in doubles action.
The Lady Rebels won three times in girls’ singles play for OC’s only match wins against Trenton.
Marissa Howard defeated Mary Gibson 8-4 at the No. 2 seed, Shelly Pate had an 8-3 win over Rachel Hamm at No. 3, and Mallori Conley defeated Kaitlyn Wallace 9-8 (7-2) at the fifth spot.
Lindsay Castellaw put up a challenge to Madison Maitland at the top seed, falling 8-6.
Anna Moore (UC) d. Sarah Franklin (C) 8-0.
Maddie King (UC) d. Haley Boswell (C) 8-3.
Tara Elam (UC) d. Arianna Cullum (C) 8-0.
Jenna Miller (UC) d. Lydia Hubbard (C) 8-0.
Ellen Bearden (UC) d. Ariel Hazelrig (C) 8-0.
Moore/Elam (UC) d. Franklin/Boswell (C) 8-1.
King/Miller (UC) d. Cullum/Hazelrig (C) 8-1.
Jacob Triplett (UC) d. Branden Overall (C) 8-1.
Devin King (UC) d. Gerald Dyson (C) 8-3.
Peyton Cox (UC) d. Dillan Johnson (C) 8-6.
Alex Pegram (UC) d. Design Gude (C) 8-1.
Ellis Critchlow (UC) d. Delvin Russell (C) 8-6.
Triplett/Cox (UC) d. Dyson/Overall (C) 8-0.
King/Pegram (UC) d. Johnson/Russell (C) 8-2.
Madison Maitland (TP) d. Lindsay Castellaw (OC) 8-6.
Marissa Howard (OC) d. Mary Gibson (TP) 8-4.
Shelly Pate (OC) d. Rachel Hamm (TP) 8-3.
Holly Johnson (TP) d. Kristin Storey (OC) 8-4.
Mallori Conley (OC) d. Kaitlyn Wallace (TP) 9-8 (7-2).
Maitland/Gibson (TP) d. Castellaw/Rebecca Bloodworth (OC) 8-1.
Johnson/Hamm (TP) d. Storey/Conley (OC) 8-0.

Drew Butler (TP) d. Dallas Mathis (OC) 8-0.
Eli King (TP) d. Austin Ripley (OC) 8-4.
Nate Adams (TP) d. Mason Warren (OC) 8-0.
Brent Hopper (TP) d. Jonathan Hopson (OC) 8-0.
Butler/Adams (TP) d. Riley/Mathis (OC) 8-1.
King/Noah Allen (TP) d. Warren/Hopson (OC) 8-0.

Published in The Messenger 3.21.12