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Little puppy is one ‘lucky’ dog

Little puppy is one ‘lucky’ dog
Little puppy is one 'lucky' dog | Lucky, Bruce Conley, Union City, Native Way Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Josh Pool

Native Way Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Josh Pool (left), Lucky has found a forever home with Union City attorney Bruce Conley (center) and his daughter Deb
It is often difficult to find a silver lining in cases of animal cruelty. But in the case of “Lucky,” a small, red mixed-breed puppy that was reportedly kicked in Gleason last month, his silver lining is all-aglow at the moment. Josh Pool, Native Way Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals president, said Lucky has a clean bill of health.
On Feb. 21, Lucky was the victim of apparent abuse on Trevathan Street in Gleason. A passerby reported to police officers she had seen a man grab the puppy out of the back of his truck, throw him onto the ground and kick it across the street.
Not only is Lucky “lucky” to fully recover from the cut under his chin, he has also found a forever home.
Pool said Lucky’s story was an “exceptional” one. At only between 8-10 weeks old during the time of the incident, Lucky is already house-trained and has grown past the apparent emotional trauma sustained from the alleged incident.
His new owners – Bruce Conley, a Union City attorney and daughter Deb, picked Lucky up Wednesday.
“Animals are truly remarkable as they have the ability to readily forgive, for all they want is to give that unconditional love that they possess for us humans and to be loved in return,” Pool said. Within such a short amount of time, Lucky quickly became one of the family at NWSPCA and letting him go proved emotional. Pool and his wife Pauleen eagerly offered puppy-sitting services for the Conleys when they have to leave town.
With Lucky’s well-being taken care of, Pool said they are not giving up on trying to find the man who allegedly kicked the puppy to the roadside.
He reported having leads on the truck identified in the alleged incident and he said he would proceed with legal action once a positive ID is made on the vehicle.
For information about NWSPCA, located on Old Latham Road outside of Dresden, visit or call the Pools at 364-3942.

WCP 3.20.12

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