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UC, Central girls better on courts

UC, Central girls better on courts
UC, Central girls better on courts | UC, Central girls better on courts
Union City and Obion Central had similar results on the courts.
Both saw their girls’ teams win and boys’ squads lose in tennis action Monday as UC split with Peabody at Trenton and Central did the same against Westview at the fairground courts in Union City.
The Lady Tornadoes posted a 7-0 win, while a tough setback at the fifth singles seed resulted in a 4-3 loss for the Twister boys.
Maddie King and Jenna Miller each recorded 8-0 shutouts, King topping Mary Gibson at the No. 2 spot and Miller defeating Holly Johnson at No. 4.
The two then teamed up for an 8-4 win over Johnson and Rachel Hamm at the No. 2 doubles post.
Anna Moore and Tara Elam also won twice, each getting a victory in singles play and teaming for a doubles win.
Moore topped Madison Maitland 8-2, and Elam stopped Hamm 8-4. The duo then defeated Maitland and Gibson 8-2 in No. 1 doubles play.
Alex Pegram rallied from a 7-4 deficit for a 9-7 win over Brent Hopper at the No. 4 singles spot in boys’ action.
UC and Trenton spliit the top four singles spot, including a frustrating 8-6 loss by Jacob Triplett to Drew Butler, and the two doubles positions.
The fifth singles spot decided the match as Noah Allen held off UC’s John Harpole in an 8-5 outcome.
Triplett gained a measure of revenge on Butler, teaming with Peyton Cox for an 8-4 win over Butler and Nate Adams at the top doubles seed.
Central’s girls won three of their five singles matches and then split in doubles play.
Marissa Howard, Shelly Pate and Kristin Storey gave the Lady Rebels wins at the second, third and fourth spots.
Howard topped Natalie Hurst 8-2, and then Pate and Storey took 8-5 wins over Carlie Vowell and Madison Williams, respectively.
Howard and Lindsay Castellaw teamed for an 8-5 win over Vowell and Hurst at the top doubles spot.
In six boys’ matches, Obion Central won just three games and were shut out in three matches.
Anna Moore (UC) d. Madison Maitland (TP) 8-2.
Maddie King (UC) d. Mary Gibson (TP) 8-0.
Tara Elam (UC) d. Rachel Hamm (TP) 8-4.
Jenna Miller (UC) d. Holly Johnson (TP) 8-0.
Ellen Bearden (UC) d. Kaitlyn Wallace (TP) 8-1.
Moore/Elam (UC) d. Maitland/Gibson (TP) 8-2.
King/Miller (UC) d. Hamm/Johnson (TP) 8-4.
Drew Butler (TP) d. Jacob Triplett (UC) 8-6.
Eli King (TP) d. Devin King (UC) 8-3.
Peyton Cox (UC) d. Nate Adams (TP) 8-6.
Alex Pegram (UC) d. Brent Hopper (TP) 9-7.
Noah Allen (TP) d. John Harpole (UC) 8-5.
Triplett/Cox (UC) d. Butler/Adams (TP) 8-4.
King/Allen (TP) d. King/Pegram (UC) 8-3.
Melissa Darroch (W) d. Lindsay Castellaw (OC) 8-5.
Marissa Howard (OC) d. Natalie Hurst (W) 8-2.
Shelly Pate (OC) d. Carlie Vowell (W) 8-5.
Kristin Storey (OC) d. Madison Williams (W) 8-5.
Jasmine Evans (W) d. Mallori Conley (OC) 8-6.
Howard/Castellaw (OC) d. Vowell/Hurst (W) 8-5.
Williams/Evans (W) d. Storey/Taylor Moore (OC) 6-5.
Ethan Plunk (W) d. Dallas Mathis (OC) 8-1.
Gian Garma (W) d. Austin Ripley (OC) 8-2.
Connor Blanchard (W) d. Mason Warren (OC) 8-0.
Harrison Capps (W) d. Klain Davis (OC) 8-0.
Plunk/Garma (W) d. Riley/Mathis (OC) 8-1.
Blanchjard/Capps (W) d. Warren/Jonathan Hopson (OC) 8-0. Published in The Messenger 3.20.12