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South Fulton officials try to address confusion over board appointments

South Fulton officials try to address confusion over board appointments
Staff Reporter
The South Fulton City Commission took action Monday evening to try to clear up any confusion over appointments to a pair of city boards.
The question about ap-pointments to South Ful-ton’s Industrial Board and the Planning and Zoning Board arose during Thurs-day evening’s regular city commission meeting.
Vice mayor Charles Moody had questioned the Planning and Zoning Board’s recent decision to keep all its current officers for the next year, telling fellow commissioners that boards are not set up for “a lifetime” and claiming no one had rotated off.
At that time, city manager Debra Craig was asked to check into which board members’ terms had expired in order for the commission to take the appropriate action.
During a called session Monday evening, Mrs. Craig explained there was some confusion over the staggered terms and reappointments, leading to confusion over when some terms end.
South Fulton Mayor David Crocker made the motions to reappoint all members as presented to the commission in lists of both Industrial Board and Planning and Zoning Board members and to further examine it at the next meeting to ensure the staggered terms are right, with adjustments to be made as necessary. Both motions were approved 4-0.
Moody was absent from Monday evening’s called session.
The Industrial Board members were listed as Charles Rice, Brad Dame, Michael Hawks, Phil Stone, Stan Gammon, David Woolf, Ward Bushart, city commissioner Jeff Vowell and the city manager.
The members of South Fulton’s Planning and Zo-ning Board were listed as Gammon, Cecil Mad-dox, Rick Boyd, city com-missioner Thomas Petti-grew and Mrs. Craig.
In other action during Monday evening’s brief meeting, the commission:
• Authorized the city manager to enter into a contract with QS1 for billing software for the city.
The action had been tabled at Thursday night’s regular commission meeting in order to give commissioners time to further review the contract, references from other cities which use the software and other information.
The city manager was granted the authorization by a vote of 3-0, with Crocker, Pettigrew and commissioner Tony Perry voting in favor. Vowell arrived a few minutes after the meeting had started and missed the vote on the billing software.
Other upcoming meetings and events in South Fulton include a budget preparation meeting set for March 30 at 5 p.m. at the municipal building and a community Easter egg hunt planned for March 31 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the municipal complex.
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Published in The Messenger 3.20.12