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W.C. Deed Transfers – 3.15.12

W.C. Deed Transfers – 3.15.12

Posted: Friday, March 16, 2012 1:16 pm

• Bankruptcy estate of Aubrey Bruce Wring to James V. Meade and Patricia L. Meade, Dist. 1, $106,386.
• Donice Breza to Yueh Feng Wu, Dist. 7, $97,500.
• James I. Ballew and Tracy D. Ballew to Weakley County Habitat for Humanity, Dist. 2, $4,000.
• Robert Larry Robertson to Shawn T. Suprenant, Dist. 12, $16,000.
• Wanda L. Weber to David J. Matz and Dorothy Doublin, Dist. 1, $25,000.
• Alvin E. Tackett, Wilma J. Ozment, John L. Tackett, Charles R. Tackett, William Larry Tackett and Wilbur Dale Tackett to Raburn Woodard and Cynthia Woodard, Dist. 24, $9,000.
• Green Tree Servicing LLC to Tony Collins, Dist. 7, $25,000.
• Hal C. Bynum and Melanie K. Bynum to Eric Brooks and Jennifer Dethloff, Dist. 7, $158,000.
• Eric E. Brooks to Hal C. Bynum and Melanie K. Bynum, Dist. 7, $82,000.
• Tuck Real Estate LLC to Dustin Forsythe and Tuck Discount Sales, Dist. 2, $197,540.
• Edward White and Sherrill White to Cody L. Nanney, Dist. 8, $85,000.
• Lloyd A. Snider and Judith M. Snider to John D. Bradberry and Danita L. Bradberry, Dist. 23, $55,790.
• Kenny J. Presley and Samantha K. Presley to Mark C. Williams and Dannyelle Williams, Dist. 7, $55,000.
• Gary A. Casey and Debra A. Casey to Kenneth M. Moore and Ben Shane Moore, Dist. 6, $50,000.
• Ronnie Boyd to Randy H. Parsley and Patsy Ann Parsley, Dist. 12, $6,000.
• Jeramine Begun, Rose Judura, Jean Bradberry, Betty Haynes, James Tilley, Edgar Ray Tilley, James Malone (Heir) and Mae Etta Malone (Heir) to Auzie Ray Harrell, Dist. 2, $56,500.
• Klaus Freiherr to William Warren Jackson, Dist. 3, $18,000.
• Donal E. Spry to Kelly Nicholas, Dist. 2, $15,000.
• Renee M. Spry and James C. Keenum to Valli S. Kelly.
• Robert J. Johnson Jr. Estate, Krista Marquick, Executrix, Michael J. Johnson and Lois R. Johnson, Heirs, to Albert K. McCulley and Sherry Chandler, Dist. 17, $285,000.
• Charles H. Conner to Jimmy Lynn Jones and Pearl Jones, Dist. 8, $1,500.
• Carolyn Jones Freeman, Ellis E. Jones and Martha Ann Janes, Heirs, to Wiliam C. Reagan and Ruby M. Reagan, Dist. 7, $41,000.
• Barbara Goodson to James Glenn Ary and Carol Faye Ary, Dist. 9, $1,307.95.
• Jason Taylor to William H. James, Dist. 3, $74,500.
• Belinda Dixon, Mary Smith, Pamela Weldon and Horace J. Weldon Jr., Heirs, to Christopher J. Williams, Dist. 11, $6,000.
• Marlene Fuller to Garry Eaves, Dist. 12, $4,000.
• Patsy F. Jones to Ray C. Perkins, Dist. 1, $155,000.
• Residential Rentals of Greenfield, Randall L. Potts, John Clark and Danny Nanney to Ronny Davison, Dist. 9, $9,000.
• Patsy F. Jones to Wendell Alexander, Dist. 1, $35,000.
• Larry T. Riggs to William A. Daniel and Andrea L. Daniel, Dist. 9, $50.
• Harold T. Spikes and Pamela Spikes Baird to John C. Haley and Courtney Haley, Dist. 2, $73,000.
• Gerald William Turbeville to Thomas Warner and Chris Cravens, Dist. 25, $2,000.
• Larry Melton to Lisa Turnbo, Dist. 24, $5,000.

WCP 3.15.12