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ACS spreading the word about cancer

ACS spreading the word about cancer
ACS spreading the word about cancer | David Lane, American Cancer Society, CR-s Study, Relay for Life

David Lane of the American Cancer Society highlighted the support offered by the ACS to Weakley County
Everyone at one point in time has likely been impacted by cancer in one way or another. Communities across the nation have been diligent in their efforts trhough Relay for Life events which benefit the American Cancer Society.
That money given to the ACS is then filtered to different programs, treatments and studies aimed at determining underlying factors for cancer causes.
One such study has resulted in an all-call for men and women across the country to take an extra step in getting involved in the fight against cancer.
The American Cancer Society is recruiting men and women across the United States and Puerto Rico for its third Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3).
Men and women between the ages of 30 to 65 and have never had cancer are being asked to be a part of this study, proposed to last during the course of the next two to three decades.
During the next 20-20 years, participants will be asked to complete follow-up surveys periodically.
The study is long-term as it allows the ACS to gather as much information as possible to continue its search for cures.
Enrollment begins in May and “champions” have already started the recruitment process on a local level. Champions are those who are cancer survivors. They are asked to recruit 10 of their friends, co-workers or family members for the study.
Those interested in participating in the study are asked to attend a Dutch-treat meal at La Cabana at noon Tuesday in downtown Martin.
More information about the study can be found online at, or by calling 1-888-604-5888, or email
If you know a local “champion,” you can also contact a champion for additional information.
Local enrollment is being made possible in partnership with MTD Products as well as “champion” volunteers.

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