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ROTC cadets ride to state park

ROTC cadets ride to state park

Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 6:00 pm

ROTC cadets ride to state park | University of Tennessee at Martin ROTC cadets, Columbus-Belmont State Park, Civil War

Thirty-one University of Tennessee at Martin ROTC cadets took an educational trip to Columbus-Belmont State Park last month to witness a historical account of life and times during the Civil War.
On Feb. 17 the University of Tennessee Martin Army ROTC Department conducted a staff ride to Columbus-Belmont State Park.
The Columbus-Belmont site was an important location during the Civil War to both Northern and Southern forces. Confederate forces built a large fortress on bluffs located near the town of Columbus, Ky., in order to control boat movement along the Mississippi River. On Nov. 7, 1871, Union forces conducted a surprise attack on Confederate forces located on the west side of the river near Belmont.
Thirty-one students traveled to the park located in Columbus, and received a guided tour throughout the parks museum and grounds. Two guides, dressed in traditional military clothing of the period, representing Gen. Leonidas Polk and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, provided analysis of the battle’s execution, life as a soldier during the Civil War and leadership styles of the generals involved.
A catered barbecue lunch from local favorite Ruby Fayes was served to all participants at the parks conference center.
Cadet Holly Bopp was one of the students attending the trip. “It was fun and very interesting to see a historical application of the tactics and principles we are studying in class,” she said.
Each year UTM ROTC visits historical battlefield sites throughout the state of Tennessee and adjacent areas in order to analyze military leadership attributes, gain tactical insight, and develop an appreciation for aspects of the military profession.
All students enrolled in UTM-affiliated ROTC programs are eligible to attend.

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