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Woodland Mills officials review rate schedule for civic center rental

Woodland Mills officials review rate schedule for civic center rental
Associate Editor
The Woodland Mills mayor and board of aldermen confirmed a rate schedule to be charged for rental of the civic center at Monday night’s meeting.
City recorder Thelma Green said she has been unable to find, in writing, a list of rates, especially those for non-profit fund raisers. She wanted clarification on what to charge.
It was agreed the fee for residents would be $100, while non-residents would pay $200. Those who wish to rent the facility on a continual basis for live music and dances would be charged $150.
Anyone who would like to rent the facility to host a fund raiser for a non-profit group would be charged $100 — the same rate as a resident. The exception will be for events raising funds for Woodland Mills residents who need assistance because of health issues.
Everyone must pay a $50 deposit, which will be returned only if the building is sufficiently cleaned.
After the meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Wade Carrington and in prayer by alderman Tom Menees, the board:
• Heard from parks and recreation director Jeff Decker that the trash cans at the ballfield need new tops. He suggested a style with a domed top and a push door to allow for trash to be disposed without lifting the lid.
He said they are less likely to be blown off as well. The lids are $100 each and he needs five.
Menees suggested Dec-ker look at Rural King for heavy duty garbage cans. He said he thought he remembered seeing some for less than $100.
Decker said he will check on it.
• Asked Decker if there is any way to have ball games completed by 8 p.m. the week of TCAP tests. Some concerned parents had contacted the mayor, saying they are afraid the children will not get enough rest before the crucial tests.
• Learned Woodland Mills has more than 400 children playing ball. Decker said teams are still active in Troy, Hornbeak and Rives. He said they are no longer playing organized games in Obion or Samburg.
• Approved the second reading of an ordinance making amendments to the 2011-12 budget.
• Heard there are still $167 in property taxes and $15 in public taxes due from 2009, $571 in property taxes from 2010 and $2,316 in property taxes from 2011. Mrs. Green informed the board she has learned if the city wishes to place a lien on the properties on which taxes are owed, the city will only collect those taxes at a county property sale after county taxes are paid.
She suggested the city publish an ad in the newspaper with the names of those who owe outstanding property taxes.
Carrington said he will call the city’s attorney and ask how best to proceed.
• Agreed to move money from the sewer fund checking account to a CD.
• Approved February financial statements, including total assets of $6,950.48 in the refuse collection fund, $7,057.21 in the street aid fund, $563,862.75 in the sewer fund and $142,665.08 in the general fund.
• Tentatively set April 23 for Spring Clean Up Day. Mrs. Green will call Barker Brothers to confirm the date. The alternate date selected is April 16.
• Learned there are three light bulbs at the civic center which need to be replaced and discussed how to go about changing them because of the height of the ceiling.
It was also noted supplies to repair the center have been ordered by the contractor.
• Discussed parking at City Hall during ball season when there are city meetings. No decision was made as far as blocking off parking spaces.
• Was informed the mayor and aldermen are still receiving complaints on two pieces of property in the city where either junk has been piled or weeds have been allowed to grow out of control. The mayor will have letters of noncompliance sent to the residents once again before legal action is taken.
• Learned the mayor has been in touch with the Tennessee Department of Transportation about drainage problems at the new bridges. TDOT will lower one of the culverts so an area of the city will stop flooding and it will also install a culvert for a resident.
• Informed a resident present at the meeting that one alderman’s position and the mayor’s position will be up for re-election in November.
• Was reminded the next city meeting will be April 9 at 6 p.m.
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