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‘Other’ Lady Rebels know their roles well

‘Other’ Lady Rebels know their roles well
‘Other’ Lady Rebels know their roles well | ‘Other’ Lady Rebels know their roles well
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MURFREESBORO — Contrary to how it might have looked at times, Obion Central did not win 35 games playing two-on-five.?The Lady Rebels advanced to the Class AA girls’ state championship game on Saturday, winning 35 of the 38 games they played this season.?And while senior Macy Wright and junior Brandi Goodman were the night-in, night-out scoring and rebounding leaders, it took a team to reach Murfreesboro.?Junior forward Ali McEwen was one of those so-called “role players” who were integral in helping the 2011-12 OC girls’ team reach the state championship game for the second time in school history.?She said an unselfish attitude among all the players kept the Lady Rebels on a roll without getting derailed.?“I think that plays a big part in it,” McEwen said. “We’re not selfish, and we pass the ball to the people who are our offensive scorers. Our defensive people play great defense. As a whole, we just play great team ball.”?Wright and Goodman have scored nearly 3,000 points combined in their Lady Rebel careers, obviously forcing defenses to concentrate on them.?McEwen said she and her teammates became very good at recognizing that and taking advantage when opponents gave them room to make a play.?“When I was open, I shot the ball,” McEwen said. “Obviously, when Brandi and Macy have the ball, they’re going to put players on them because those two are the biggest threats. So, if you’re the open girl, you just have to do what you can do to help your team. If you have to step up, then you just step up.”?McEwen certainly did her part.?In three state tournament games, she scored 22 points and had 11 rebounds. She was the third Lady Rebel, joining Wright and Goodman, on the all-state tournament team.?“I’m just kind of a defensive spurt,” McEwen said. “I’m only 5-9, but I try to go in and get rebounds and then pop it back out to Macy so she can get it back in to Brandi or make some crazy move that she does.”?McEwen was good at describing the roles of her teammates, praising their play during the season.?“Shannon Wiggins has amazing defense,” McEwen said. “In my mind, she’s one of the best defensive players in West Tennessee. There are some games where I don’t know what we would’ve done without her. She just takes girls and shuts them down, and that’s what we need.”?Proof of that came in OC’s tournament opener against McMinn Central, where Wiggins made life rough for Miss Basketball winner Elizabeth Masengil as OC eliminated the defending state champion.?“Brooke Jennings is a quick little shooter,” McEwen added. “You get her out on the wing, and the next thing you know, she has six points off threes. She’s good at it.?“Paige Hicks, you just never know what that girl’s gonna do. She can drive to the rim or pull a rebound off a girl that’s 6-3. You just never know with her. She’s a great ball player.?“Whittney and Brittney Dodd are great off the bench. They’re both good offensive players.”?Wiggins, Jennings and Hicks are all junior guards, while the Dodd twins are part of a four-person senior class that also includes Kris Storey.?McEwen pointed out that while this season was one for the scrapbooks, she wants more her senior season.?“This season has been pretty incredible,” McEwen said. “We’ve been through a lot, both good and bad. At the beginning, we set a goal to make it to state, and we did. We’ll work hard and come back next year.”?Published in The Messenger 3.12.12?