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Spring is in the air, color is the flair

Spring is in the air, color is the flair

Posted: Friday, March 9, 2012 11:19 am

Sharon Maloan
Guest Columnist
The future is bright and fashion trends have the colors to prove it. We all love, love, love color because it makes us happy and it makes us feel pretty.
We expect to see color on the top, but this season, you will enjoy the unexpected – color on the bottom in denim, skirts, shorts and slacks. How much fun is that!?
So let’s talk about how to get started with this season’s trend.
The Pantone Institute shared it prediction for the most popular colors of Spring 2012 and it was on spot. The pick for spring’s “numero uno” choice is tangerine tango.
And if tang isn’t your color of choice, there are plenty more orange hues to choose from, such as coral. I have never seen anyone who could not wear some shade of coral. It is the most overall flattering shade of color in fashion!
If you want to look chic this season with just one idea, start with some shade of orange. Add a little spice to your life this season with. I will explain later how to expand on this new trend. We are keeping it simple for now with a great tangerine top paired back with denim, but you could very easily wear this with royal blue denim.
In my next style guide, I will be talking to you about the importance of pastels and how to transition into spring.
Editor’s note: Sharon Maloan is the owner of Sugar and Spice women’s and children’s boutique located in downtown Martin. Published in The WCP 3.8.12


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