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News from Martin Health Care – 3.06.12

News from Martin Health Care – 3.06.12

Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2012 12:21 pm
By: By Jessica Teal, AD And Amber Randle, AD

February was a very busy month filled with the crowning of our king and queen of the Mardi Gras party. Our king was James Granner and the queen was Wilma Yost.
We started the month off with Kenny Presley and Larry Morgan visiting us and putting on one great show. The staff and residents love to see them come and perform. Ms. Yost and Sylvia Young had a blast dancing and singing along with them.
Then, our monthly auction was held. This month we had several good items that people have donated. Mildred Saddler really enjoyed herself. She left with an armful of goodies. We also had Harry Jetton come visit us. He did a wonderful job playing the keyboard and singing.
Our monthly Bingo winners were Sandra Winston, Dorothy Gunn, Arthur Davis, Alberta Laws, Mary Radford, Ruby Bell, Emma Juras, Martha Smith, Fred Jones, Wilma Yost, and Carolyn Swindell.
Yahtzee winners were Margaret Plunk and Sandra Winston. James Granner, Sylvia Young, Audrey Evans, and Annie Durham enjoyed Tai Chi last month.
Shepherd’s Field has been visiting us weekly. The residents have really enjoyed the fellowship. Margaret Plunk really enjoys singing along with them. We also had another special group visit us this month. The Sharon Dulcimers came one night and performed. It was a treat for them to come and play.
To end the month, we had Jim Turbo and Gary Mutual come perform. We also had the Mardi Gras party. Everyone wore feathered masks and beads and ate Jambalaya and socialized.
In the Lighthouse Community this month we had a great time. Valentine’s Day was a very important holiday for us. In celebration, everyone made their own Valentine’s Day cards. Cecil Powell wrote a very special card to his wife. We ended our celebration with a Valentine’s Day party and the announcement of the king and queen. This year, the king was Dale Pentrich and the queen was Versie Terrell. The pair enjoyed their time on the throne while they wore the crowns. Everyone had fun at the party.
The best game we  played this month was bowling. Everyone gathered in the day room and we had some great bowlers. Susan Campbell won the game, knocking down nine pins. She really enjoyed herself. Several other residents were close behind her.
Another holiday we celebrated this month was Mardi Gras. Everyone dressed up in joker hats and beads. Some residents even wore feathered masks. Jambalaya was served in honor of Mardi Gras.

WCP 3.06.12

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