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Letter to the WCP Editor – 3.06.12

Letter to the WCP Editor – 3.06.12

Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2012 10:47 am

To the Editor,
Unless you are one of the 13 percent who approve of the job Congress is doing, does it really make sense to vote for incumbent politicians? Do you think it is the other Senators and Representatives who are duds, not our own? Think again.
Do you believe America should continue to borrow or print $1.5 trillion each year more than our revenues? Do you believe we should send foreign aid to countries who hate America? Do you believe Eric Holder is a good Attorney General? Do you believe Timothy Geithner is a good Secretary of the Treasury? Do you believe TARP fixed anything, or did it simply reward failure? Do you believe “Cash for Clunkers” was good for anyone except the U.A.W.? Do you believe giving Obama the unconstitutional power to change a treaty after ratification by the Senate was a good thing?
Bob Corker apparently likes all of the above. He voted for it all. Even though Congress has a 13-percent approval rating, Americans continue to re-elect the same politicians. Why? For the most part we are uninformed voters.
We vote mostly based on the impression we have of the candidates. Their voting record is all that is really important. When we take the time to look closely at their voting record, we become better voters. Unless we want to continue bankrupting America, we have to give the boot to the politicians who are bankrupting us. Consider a constitutional conservative to replace “Bailout Bob.” His name is Zach Poskevich. Zach is a veteran who grew up in Waverly and now resides in Hendersonville. Learn more about Zach on his website at   
David Nance
Gibson County Patriots

WCP 3.06.12


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