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Delphians discuss the Bell Witch

Delphians discuss the Bell Witch

Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 7:47 am

The Delphian Review Club met recently in the home of Sue Greer, with Ann Townes serving as co-hostess.
Martha Rippy presented the program on the famous “spirit” known as the Bell Witch. This phenomena occurred in the early 19th century in what is now the small town of Adams. The Bell Witch tortured the John Bell family only, primarily John Bell and his daughter, Betsy, finally resulting in the death of John Bell.
People came from Europe and all of the United States to prove the Bells were only trying to make money from this “scam.” No one ever figured why or how this was happening. The Bells were very respected members of their community and certainly were not taking any money for people to witness the effects of the “spirit.” The entire community would participate in worship services where she (they called it she because it had a very feminine voice.) loved to sing hymns and quote scripture line for line.
The Bell Witch stayed with the Bell family for four years and announced she was leaving but would return in seven years which she did. She returned a much more docile “spirit” and only stayed a few months at which time she told them she would return in 1935. She has not been heard from since, but the story of the Bell Witch remains the best know ghost story in the world today.

Published in The Messenger 3.6.12

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