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Martin Elementary School news – 3.01.12

Martin Elementary School news – 3.01.12

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2012 12:09 pm
By: Tina Brown, MES representative

The students from Ms. Rachel Bearden’s third-grade class at Martin Elementary School recently won the can drive for We Care Ministries sponsored by UT Martin Student Athletic Advisory Council. This is the second consecutive year that Ms. Rachel’s class has won. The students brought in more than 240 cans. When she was asked how she motivated her students, Ms. Rachel said, “Once this year’s class heard that my students from last year got to shave my husband’s head as a reward, they were on a mission!”
The third graders celebrated with a pizza party and then they gave Travis Bearden his new hairdo.
The kids had a wonderful time and were happy they could help support such a wonderful cause.
Ms. Brittan Sutherland’s class has received a new pet. The new class pet is named Lily and she is a very cute hermit crab.
The class is also reading “Maniac Maggee” by Jerry Spinelli.
Ms. Brittan has lot of fun activities planned.
Ms. Jessica Fortner’s STAR student was Tanner Ingle.
Ms. Jessica and Ms. Mary Lee’s classes Social Studies classes have begun studying Tennessee history and got to enjoy an edible Tennessee map! They labeled it with important Tennessee historical landmarks before the class ate the map.

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