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Character counts at Martin Primary

Character counts at Martin Primary

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2012 12:06 pm

Character counts at Martin Primary | Trustworthy students, Character Counts, martin primary school
TRUSTWORTHY STUDENTS AT MPS  —  Character Counts at Martin Primary School. During the fourth six weeks, the teachers and students at MPS have been working on the character pillar of Trustworthiness. The students pictured were selected as the most trustworthy students in their class. Trustworthy students for the fourth six weeks were  (front, from left) pre k – Gauge Elhulu in Sarah Long’s room; kindergarten – Emari Harris in Michelle Vincent’s room, Hunter Brown in Jenna Scott’s room, Lucas Greer in Tiffany Franklin’s room, Bryce White in Ginger Higgs’ room, Molly Whittaker in Amy Tims’ room, George Newton in Becky Jackson’s room, Carter Gipson in Debbie Barner’s room, Addie Gadlen in Jean Thompson’s room, and Matthew Moon in Lesley Lampkins’ room; (middle) pre k – Ethan Hatler from Rebecca Taylor’s room and for first grade is Kinzey Nanney in Joan Howell’s room, Alyssa Brooks in Stacye Fisher’s room, Jonathan Hill in Mandy Sturdivant’s room, Piper Johnson in Zann Wortham’s room, Anna Alley in Jessica Wade’s room, Ali Mullins in Elizabeth Barnes’ room, Ellie Dodson in Allison Stockton’s room, and Sara Hicks in Nancy Taylor’s room; (back) second grade is Kristin Hunt in Lori Grissom’s room, Noelle Ingram in Angela Sams’ room, Addy Hall in Kim Castleman’s room, Elijah Benjamin in Maggie Byars’ room, Reed Rushing in Anna Goss’ room, Dallas Hall in Beth Davidson’s room, and Lauren Merritt in Charleigh Stephens’ room.

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