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W.C. Nursing and Rehab news – 2.28.12

W.C. Nursing and Rehab news – 2.28.12

Posted: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:00 pm
By: Brittany Rich, Activity Director

Love was definitely in the air on Valentine’s Day at the facility. We had eight couples participate in the annual Couples-Only Dinner. The event is candlelit with individual tables for each married pair.
The room was decorated with balloons, hearts galore and beautiful roses.  The couples enjoyed their meal as soft music played overhead. The dietary department prepared chicken cordon bleu, green beans, twice baked potatoes, yeast rolls and brownie explosion a la’ mode for dessert.  Lots of pictures were made for the couples to remember this special luncheon.  
All residents were invited to enjoy this same special meal in the dining room, which was also transposed into the Valentine’s Day theme. The residents were all smiles as they entered the newly decorated room in beautiful reds, pinks and purples. Later that afternoon, we joined together again for one more giant party.  The residents were treated to pizza with five available topping choices and cheese sticks.  
For dessert, we had a red masterpiece.  They had strawberry ice cream, with extra strawberry syrup, whip cream tinted red and a cheery on top.  Everyone had a great time and wonderful day.
Last week’s Cover Card winners were Margaret Green, Ruth Jones, Joyce Gatewood, Sue Billingsby, Betty Elliot and Dorothy Larson. Each of these lucky players received $1 for completing their entire cards first. The price for one-line Bingo was 50 cents and everyone played until they won. We are so grateful for the help provided by peer residents, employees and visitors.
The residents had their coffee break Feb. 13 with light refreshments served with their coffee or tea. During this time, they played a couple of rounds of Uno.  This month’s Show and Tell was a lot of fun. The residents discussed family photos and experiences.  Afterwards, they enjoyed a classic western Hang ‘em High.  
This week’s sporting events were very fun and challenging. Ray Crowell took first-place honors at the Doughnut Toss by scoring 12 points.
Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a fresh, glazed doughnut. Sue Bailey was the Ring Toss champ Wednesday night.  She scored an impressive 265 points. Inez Spence won the Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Toss with five complete lines tossed.  The residents were excited to play our newest game, Splat Ball, again on Friday.  Bobby Bynum was the winner with 52 points.  Ray Crowell came back to win the Basketball Shootout on Saturday morning.
Friday’s Social Hour was a classic treat that everyone enjoyed. The residents were served bowls of vanilla ice cream with their choice of toppings to create their own sundaes. Social foods are resident picks and ice cream has been a favorite here lately.
The residents were treated to three musical performances. Martha Hayes was with us on Friday afternoon for a wonderful show. She has great talent and we are pleased she chooses to share it with us.  James Turnbow returned for another amazing performance on Saturday afternoon.
The residents are still bragging about how great he did. The musical greatness was finished off with Friends of Carmen Kelley on Sunday afternoon. This group is outstanding and so dedicated to come and entertain each third Sunday afternoon.  They always bring a talented group of entertainers and our residents have a blast singing along.
Liberty Church of Christ and Dresden First Baptist Church provided our Sunday morning church services.
These groups are so devoted and we thank them for giving of their free time to provide in house worship services for our residents each week. You provide a wonderful service for our residents.

WCP 2.28.12