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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 7:00 pm

High electric bills frustrating

To The Editor:
I’m writing on behalf of several of the senior citizens out here at Union City Apartments on Lynn Street. We just want to sound off and I’ve decided to be the spokesperson.
We live in the upper half of the complex and most are elderly. I’m not speaking for the people with children who live below. I don’t know their circumstances.
Everyone knows we are low income. Last year, they (the powers that be), decided to redo all the apartments, complete with new air-conditioning units and meters, which are read by computers in the office. We were told all this would make our places more “energy efficient.” Our electric bills doubled or more. For instance, one person, these are all one-bedroom apartments, who does not have a TV, a washer or dryer, lamps and does not cook that much, got a bill for $106.
Most of us older folks are on blood thinners. We were told to put on extra clothes, two pair of socks and turn the thermostat down to 68 degrees. That won’t work.
We took our complaint before the Union City Council and they suggested we get in touch with the head of Union Electric System (where we got no satisfaction).
I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I am comfortable. I am rich in things that count. I have many nice friends and neighbors. I could be living in a cardboard box under a bridge. Thank God, I’m not.
Hilda Greenway
Union City
LifeBeat benefit
a grand success

To The Editor:
How do I express gratitude so great that my heart cannot contain it? How do I bear the awe of seeing God work miracles using broken people just like me? How do I express the thrill of participating in something so much bigger than myself? How can I express the elation of “giving up” in order “to give to” a cause emanating from the very heart of God the Father?
This weekend, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson (international missionary and author, head of The Great Turnaround ministry, and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ) was a conduit for God’s financial blessings on our pro-life center in tiny Tiptonville, which is located in the 11th poorest county in the United States.
God brought the people that He wanted to attend our fund-raising dinner (Saturday) night. He showered us with the funds that He had appropriated before the beginning of time for LifeBeat Pregnancy and Family Resource Center. We raised $49,000. Although this may not seem like a large amount compared to other pro-life centers that Dr. Wilkinson speaks at as part of The Great Turnaround, it is more than six times what we raised at our last dinner.
There is no logical explanation why Dr. Wilkinson would come to speak at a fund-raising event for us; he does not come to tiny pro-life centers as part of The Great Turnaround. But who can understand the ways of the Lord? I thank Dr. Wilkinson and all those in his Great Turnaround ministry for blessing LifeBeat with their time and talents.
I also thank those publically who answered God’s invitation by attending our dinner.
As chairperson for this event I printed 3,500 invitations; a small fraction of those attended our event. To those approximately 200 people who had the opportunity to be blessed by Dr Wilkinson’s ministry, I thank you so much by being faithful to the invitation of the Lord. I was honored to witness your sacrificial giving and I thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart.
Nancy Miller Latimer
Union City
Money wasted
on ‘scumbags’
To The Editor:
In response to the letter in last Wednesday’s paper: I am sure the “scumbags” (Congressman Stephen) Fincher spoke of are the liberal party members who would rather give the tax money we pay for projects to benefit our area to some single mother with six children, who has never worked in her life, takes her money and buys crack cocaine or marijuana with it and a few groceries. She lives in a goverment, low-rent or no-rent home and gets no child support from any of the dads of any of the children. The ex-husband(s) are all out of work, not looking for work, and will not work even if a job came open. They are all drawing 90 months of liberal unemployment checks, driving around looking for their next hit on the crack pipe or their next blunt to smoke.
This is where Mr. Fincher is talking about the scumbags he has to work with; the people who support giving our tax dollars out to people who have been sucking on a tax (system) all of their lives. They will never get off of the free money plan that the liberals have set up for them.
The Democrats have always said, “We are for the little man, the poor man.” If the poor man will look around, he will see that in most cases his parents were poor, their parents were poor, he is poor, and his children will be poor. As long as he stays on the government giveaway program, he has no desire to move on up. He’s happy with the liberal giveaway money that he or she gets.
This has been going on for over 40 years and the checks are getting higher every year. The politicians that support this type of wasted tax dollars are the only ones getting rich off the poor man. Check out Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s net worth. They have made millions with poor man legislation. This is what Mr. Fincher was referring to as scumbags. And that is truly what they are.
We pay our tax dollars to the government for roads, industry, public service grants, and projects to aid our district. I truly don’t want my tax dollars going to some crack head who has never worked a day in his life and some single mother with six or seven children who get a check for each one and takes the money and buys crack or marijuana with it. Not to mention all the illegal Mexicans who have moved into our area and are getting government tax money every month and have never paid in a dime of taxes. But the liberals say we must take care of them by giving them free health insurance, government subsidized housing, social security, and more giveway programs. These are the scumbags Mr. Fincher has to work with and fight with to make sure your money goes to the projects our district needs. I think he is doing a great job and I pray each night for him to fight for the projects we need.
David F. Worley
Union City

Published in The Messenger 2.29.12

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