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Man sought for kicking puppy

Man sought for kicking puppy
Man sought for kicking puppy | Native Way Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

A witness last week reportedly saw a man in a pick-up truck toss this puppy from the bed of the truck and kick it across Trevathan Street in Gleason. He is named Lucky.

His fur is brownish red and he doesn’t weigh much. He is practically a newborn that is no more than eight to 10 weeks old. After an apparently traumatic experience last week, “Lucky” is doing quite well, given his recent circumstances.
On Feb. 21, Lucky was the apparent victim of abuse after a passerby allegedly witnessed a man grab the little puppy out of the back of his truck, throw him onto the ground and kick it across the road on Trevathan Street in Gleason.
This event was reportedly witnessed in broad daylight that day. The call was then put out to Josh and Pauline Pool of the Native Way Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals outside of Dresden.
According to Pool, the act of kicking the dog is defined under Tennessee Cruelty to Animals statue as aggravated animal cruelty, which is classified as a felony.
“We are asking the community to help us bring this perpetrator of this crime to justice,” Pool said.
“The old way of thinking ‘it’s just an animal’ has to stop. It’s a crime that leads people to more serious and violent crimes and that is a proven fact. Where you have animal abuse, you will also find child abuse and spousal abuse.” Although Lucky appeared to suffer more than one little dog should have, he appears to be recovering well, according to Pool.
Lucky was treated at a veterinary office for a cut under his chin as well as hookworms and whip worms. He was skinny, but not emaciated and suffered from no internal injuries. Lucky has already had his first series of vaccinations.
Pool reported the puppy has been easy to house train and his “traumatized demeanor” has ceased. Now the couple will work to build more weight on the animal and finish his vaccinations before he is adoptable.
As for the person who reportedly kicked Lucky out in Gleason, a witness did provide a description of the man and vehicle.
The Toyota pick-up truck is described as metallic blue in color with a dent in the driver’s side rear fender. The man was a white male with thinning gray hair, tall and slender, wearing blue jeans, a black leather jacket and a brown faded cap.
Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call NWSPCA at 364-3942. To learn more about Lucky or about the non-profit organization, visit the website at

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