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LOL: I get the message โ€” and it always makes me smile :)

LOL: I get the message โ€” and it always makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted: Friday, February 24, 2012 8:00 pm
By: By CHRIS MENEES, Staff Reporter

LOL: I get the message โ€” and it always makes me smile :) | text messages, LOL: I get the message โ€” and it always makes me smile :)

The Messenger 02.24.12

Who needs a scrapbook?
I’ve got text messages.
Nothing brightens my day more than receiving a sweet little text message, for no reason whatsoever, from one of the granddaughters.
While the end result is the same, their texting techniques are as different as night and day.
The 15-year-old is always straight to the point, whether it’s asking to come over to hang out (which I love) or lovingly thanking me for something.
But her 10-year-old sister … well, she has a style all her own.
To date, I’ve saved 57 text messages from the younger granddaughter since she got her very own cell phone last October.
Sometimes, when I need a pick-me-up, I just scroll through the messages. They always make me smile and, more often than not, leave  me “LOL” — laughing out loud.
I should have known I was in for a treat on Karrie’s birthday eve last October when she texted, “Good night 4 the last of being 9 :(” — complete with the sad face. It was followed the next day by another frowny-faced message that read, “Good night … I’m 10. I don’t even like typing in 2 numbers …”
In the weeks that followed, before the new wore off the cell phone, my husband and I joked that she never used the phone to actually talk to anyone, but only to send texts. A random message she sent in November addressed our concerns: “LOL! Blonde moment … you can call on this phone?”
Her second month with the cell phone opened up a whole new world of sending photos with messages. They evolved from a picture of her poodle with the message “Super model puppy! Work it girl!” to an extreme close-up of her wide-open mouth with the caption “Who r u calling BIG MOUTH?” and one of her blowing a big bubble gum-bubble to declare “I like big bubbles and I cannot lie…” for her own twist on a well-known hip-hop hit.
When I was feeling a little under the weather and she texted to ask about my health, I replied that I was feeling human again — to which she quickly fired back, “You felt like a cat before?”
Some oldies-but-goodies shared such tidbits as “Cool! I just sneezed with my eyes open!” (is that even humanly possible?) and “I AM DONE WITH MATH! LET’S GO PARTY!” (which I completely understand as someone who is mathematically-challenged).
A favorite from Thanksgiving Day read, “Do me a favor and GET ME OUT OF HERE. My family is weird!” (I think we can all relate to that one, honey.)
I’ve snickered to myself more than once when I’ve clicked on one of her text messages and been greeted with “Whassup home roomie?” or “What’s up in your little world?”
Once, when I replied from work and told her I was doing some proofreading, she offered an entertaining alternative to how she thought I could better use my time: “Go do something fun like draw. I’m sure the newspaper has A LOT of paper … Life is full of fun stuff.  You just gotta see the fun in it! … You could always just crank up the radio! Turn Monday into Funday!” (Yeah, everyday’s a party when you’re 10.)
When her older sister got her learner’s permit to drive in December, it also opened up a whole new world for texting — starting with a frantic back-seat message that simply read, “Kaylee’s driving! HELP!” (In her big sister’s defense, I’m convinced she already knows the rules of the road better than most drivers twice her age.)
By January, recorded voice messages had been added to her random repertoire — including one where she let out a long, high-pitched squeal and then sweetly said, “That was just to get your attention” and another where she soulfully sang, “I just got out of the shower and I feeeeeeel goooooood” in a way that would have made singer James Brown proud.
Just the other day, she sent a sound message that asked me to put my cell phone up to my ear to hear the ocean waves. (And, yes, I fell for it.)
But I think one of my favorite messages is also one of her most simple and to the point: “Hello … I have texted you and now I’m happy! :)”
Me, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
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