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Letters ‘Q’ and ‘U’ unite at Martin Primary

Letters ‘Q’ and ‘U’ unite at Martin Primary
Letters 'Q' and 'U' unite at Martin Primary | Martin Primary School

Rev. Mac McCaleb (center), while (from left) Brady Lemons served as ring bearer, John Clark Perry was the groom, the bride was Sarah Beth McCaleb and Addie Roberts

It was a monumental occasion when kindergarten students witnessed the joining of the letters “Q” and “U” to form a unique sound and forever change the vocabulary of the students. In celebration of the union, boys were asked to don outfits resembling quarterbacks, while girls dressed as queens.
Martin Primary School kindergartners piled into the school’s gymnasium, which was decorated with an aisle runner and large projection screen last week.
Students had the opportunity to watch the romance unfold between “Q” and “U,” from the proposal to the application for a marriage license and blessing of the “mayor.”
MPS kindergartner Addie Roberts served as the flower girl and tossed quarters onto the runner in anticipation of the bride and groom’s grand entrance. Brady Lemons served as ring bearer of the ceremony.
 Rev. Mac McCaleb took his place at the pretend altar the bless the bride and groom, who were played by Sarah Beth McCaleb and John Clark Perry.
Rev. McCaleb asked the letters to be faithful to one another in good times and bad. He also asked if “Q” could allow “U” to stand alone when she was needed for words such as unique and underwear, which prompted chuckles from the ceremony’s witnesses that day. Once united, McCaleb introduced the couple as “ques” and the pair was whisked down the aisle by valets Kyle Lifsey and Brayden Wagster in preparation for their honeymoon in Quebec.

WCP 2.23.12