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Crystal FCE Club holds February meeting

Crystal FCE Club holds February meeting

Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 8:00 pm

The Messenger 02.22.12

The Crystal Family and Community Education Club held its February meeting at the Obion County Museum recently, with President Nadine Killion presiding. There were 15 members present.
Mary Lois Owens presented the devotional entitled “Mystery of Love.” She quoted that there are hundreds of meanings of the word “love.”
Valentine’s Day is a time to acknowledge the need to give and receive love. Individuals can never receive or give too much love in a lifetime.
Acknowledgments of thanks were read from Sunswept Baptist Church for the donation used in their “helping hands” ministry and from Shiloh Missionary Circle for the funds for food purchases.
It was announced that some members might be surprised to receive 100 percent attendance certificates since their absences from regular meetings could be made up by attendance at county or district events such as county council, dress revue, hospital banquet, Achievement Day and other FCE activities.
Jane Fisher reported that 2012 state convention planning was moving forward. Classes for those in attendance are being planned, as is entertainment for the group events. She asked members to begin constructing items to sell at the gift shop. Collection for these items will begin next month at the regular club meetings. She reported that Diane Johnson would be in charge of a mini-class.
Also, Obion County will be responsible for the hospitality room during the convention, which will be held in Memphis beginning Nov. 11.
The “coming events” schedule included a basket workshop to be held March 5 at the Obion County Farm Bureau building, County Achievement Day to be held March 12 at Mason Hall Community Center and Cultural Arts Day to be held April 2 at the Obion County Farm Bureau building.
Achievement Day will feature a color theme and all members are encouraged to wear their favorite colors. The meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. and the meal will be served at 11:30. The basket workshop will begin at 8:45 a.m. and those taking part will complete a casserole basket for a cost of $30. Sue Alexander will lead the workshop
Benita Giffin, extension agent, chose “Heart Health” for her monthly program. She stated that our heart is a strong muscle about the size of the palm of the hand that makes the body run, just as an engine keeps a car running. With age, there are changes that occur to the heart that are normal, but sometimes lifestyles cause these changes to produce serious illness. Physical activity, stopping smoking and following a heart-healthy diet are three ways an individual can improve heart health. She recommended individuals should discuss with their doctors the risk of heart disease and ways to prevent this from happening. Also, she gave some websites where information concerning heart health may be found. Some of these include: American Heart Association,, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and National Library of Medicine Medline Plus,
Mary Dunavant, hostess for the day, served chips, nuts, sandwiches and a Valentine tart before craft time. The afternoon craft was the construction of a decorative box from recycled cards.
There were 21 items collected for exceptional children.

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