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W.C. Deed Transfers – 2.16.12

W.C. Deed Transfers – 2.16.12

Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 9:51 am

• Tennessee Housing Development Agency to Howard Heathcock and Rebecca Heathcock, Dist. 13, $10,000.
• Samuel Dluzniewski to Howard Heathcock and Rebecca Heathcock, Dist. 13.
• Moore and Son Builders, Inc. to Kenneth R. Reynolds, Dist 2, $ 50,000.
• Billy J. Hatchel and Carrie L. Hatchel to Dennis Rorer, Dist. 14, $81,500.
• Roy F. Bishop and Melissa M. Bishop to Danny T. Schuster and Michele Schuster, Dist. 2, $130,000.
• Thomas J. Thompson and Carol Ann Thompson to James W. Hall and Terry K. Hall, Dist. 5, $ $46,000.
• William Mark Higgs, Michael L. Higgs, Gary W. Higgs, and William B. Higgs (heirs) to Walter D. Ward, Janet F. Ward and Whitney Simmons, Dist. 3, $142,500.
• Bobby W. Spellings to Kingdom Trust Company, Dist. 13, $69,000.
• Johnny Kemp and Shirley Kemp to Lois G. Workman and Martha Y. Workman, Dist. 5, $200,000.
• Jeffrey Blaine Baker and Nichole Baker to Chase B. Bennett, Dist. 7, $111,000.
• Kevin Kirk to Chris Bontrager, Katie Bontrager, Christ J. Delagrange and Martha Delagrange, Dist. 12, $68,666.97.
• Richard L. Finney to Jason H. Snider and Kimberly D. Snider, Dist. 7, $64,000.
• Judie Woodard Todd, Patsy T. Walker and Patsy T. Walker Welch to David C. Harper and Honey Harper, Dist. 7, $61,250.
• Melissa Green Lipford, Melissa Reams, Melissa Reams Green, and Melissa Green to Edward Reams, Dist. 17, $100,000.
• R & R Farms to Brad T. Campbell, Dist. 12, $83,300.
• Christine Rhodes, Donna West, Toni Ruth, and Michael D. Yeargin to Christine Rhodes, Dist. 9, $42,000.
• Ali Danesh and Setareh Danesh to Kalpesh Patel and Paresh Patel, $450,000.
• Frank Supeck and Patricia Supeck to James Crawford and Traci Crawford, Dist. 10, $4,100.
• Carthel Jack Finch and Debbie Ann Finch to Tyler J. Meek, Dist. 7, $186,850.
• Vicky Lynn Bowers Baloga, Jamey E. Bowers, James Morris Bowers and Brent Edward Bowers to C & J Enterprises, Jerry D. Crosser and William K. Jackson, Dist. 2, $65,000.
• James R. Bennett and Peggy Bennett to Mark Thomas Smith and Amy Jackson Smith, Dist. 12, $172,501.
• Larry R. Cheatham to C.D. Rorer, Dist. 2, $45,000.
• Douglas Brewer and Lynette Brewer to James Jones and Angela M. Jones, Dist. 4, $15,741.61.
• Jackie C. Darnell to Town of Dresden, Dist. 7.

WCP 2.16.12

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