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Martin Fine Arts Club meets

Martin Fine Arts Club meets

Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 10:19 am

Mrs. John Wall opened her beautiful home for the Feb. 1 meeting of the Martin Fine Arts Club. Assisting Mrs. Wall were hostesses, Mrs. Donnie Davis and Mrs. Phil Wade.  Appropriate for the season, they served a delicious cherry pie with nuts and coffee to the 18 members and one guest.  After the social hour, the president, Mrs. Tom Gallien called the meeting to order. Mrs. Gallien led the members in reciting the collect, and then she turned the program over to the program chair, Mrs. James Shore.  
Mrs. Shore introduced the speaker for the day, Mr. Larry Snider, who is director of communications and development for Discovery Park of America. Mr. Snider, for the next several minutes, gave members an exciting tour in their minds of this unique and terrific 50-acre project being built in Union City. He used words such as stunning, dynamic, educational, and entertaining to describe the project.
The mission of the park, a dream of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkland, is education with a strong element of entertainment. The park will have a centerpiece building, Discovery Center, of some 100,000-square-feet that will contain nine exhibit galleries.
In addition, there will be three different kinds of gardens outside, as well as a working gristmill, a replica of a mid-19th Century farm, complete with period farm equipment, a chapel and a train depot.  
A recent addition has been a Main Street USA area. Discovery Center will be equipped with a café, a gift shop, a classroom, a catering kitchen, and can accommodate meetings for approximately 300 people. There is a tower associated with this building that will be able to hold 75 people in the elevated meeting and observation space. The galleries are: Regional History, Native American, Military, Natural History, Enlightenment, Transportation, Children’s Exploration, Science and Space, and Energy.
Mr. Snider emphasized the scope of this project and the excitement it has generated with his figure of more than 200 volunteers who are working on various galleries and the prospect of having 150,000 visitors a year to the Park. Half of these visitors are expected to be school children. Discovery Park will meet and exceed all the adjectives that have been applied to it in these months before its opening – projected for mid-2013. After a time for questions, Mrs. Shore thanked Mr. Snider for his great presentation of this phenomenal addition to the cultural and educational life of Northwest Tennessee.  
After the program, Mrs. Gallien asked for the reading of the minutes and the calling of the roll by the secretary, Mrs. Michael Hinds. Mrs. Wall gave the treasurer’s report
and the nominating committee presented the slate of officers for 2012-2013:  president – Mrs. Lee Pritchett; vice-president – Mrs. John Chester; secretary – Mrs. Michael Hinds; and treasurer – Mrs. George Pritchett. Mrs. Gallien asked for a vote on this slate and it was unanimously approved. The meeting was adjourned.
Those present and not already mentioned were: Mrs. James Cannon, Mrs. Bob Cheeseman, Mrs. John Chester, Mrs. Harold Clifton, Mrs. Joe Exum, Mrs. Lowell Fields, Mrs. Jerry Gresham, Mrs. Morris Liming, Mrs. George Pritchett, Mrs. Lee Pritchett, Mrs. James Pritchett, Mrs. Sanford Truitt and Mrs. Fred Vowell.

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