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Big fight overflows into street; club closed

Big fight overflows into street; club closed
Staff Reporter
Union City police shut down a club on Railroad Street Saturday and then returned to the same location Sunday to disperse a fight that blocked the street.
The incident Sunday occurred about 3:45 a.m. at 200 Railroad St., where police responded to a report of a large fight.
Officers reported they observed about 100 people on the parking lot and in the street “engaged in fighting and disorderly conduct,” according to a Union City Police Department report.
Only two Union City police officers were on the scene and no other units were available, resulting in police calling for assistance from the Obion County Sheriff’s Department. Union City police reported Railroad Street was “completely blocked from a mass of people and vehicles that were attempting to leave but could not.”
After sheriff’s deputies arrived, police were able to disperse the crowd and gain control at the scene, according to the report.
Officers then went inside the building to check for anyone injured and police reported they observed open containers of alcohol on the tables. Club manager Errin Jackson of Union City told police he was charging for admission into the club, which police reported makes it a violation to have the alcohol inside.
According to the report, the club manager also allegedly stated to police that he observed evidence of drug activity inside the club prior to the disturbance. Police told Jackson he was responsible for controlling his patrons and the activity inside the building and that if he could not control it, there was no need for him to reopen.
“Incidents such as this occur almost every time the club is opened,” the police report stated.
Earlier in the weekend, Union City police had conducted a bar check Saturday at 200 Railroad St.
A police investigator reported he detected an odor of marijuana on and around the dance floor, as well as located several baggies and “blunt” shavings. According to a police report, an officer allegedly located a marijuana blunt and more baggies on the floor next to a pool table.
The investigator instructed a disc jockey to shut off the music and police closed down the club, advising the manager of the reason and the problem.
Union City Police Chief Joe Garner told The Messenger he would be checking today on the business licenses for the club at 200 Railroad St. as the investigation continues into the weekend incidents.
Railroad Street is located between East Main and East Church streets near the railroad tracks.
Staff Reporter Chris Menees may be contacted by email at Published in The Messenger 2.20.12