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Gleason recognizes police department

Gleason recognizes police department
Alcohol and drug use prevention was the main focus of discussion at the February meeting of the City of Gleason Board of Mayor and Aldermen held Thursday night.
 A resolution presented by board members said they “supported the Gleason Police Department in their fight against alcohol/drug use and crime and solicits the support of neighboring police departments throughout Weakley County.” The board is requesting Gleason join neighboring towns in the push to make Weakley County a zero tolerance community and wants the support of the county’s judicial system to apply the maximum penalty to repeat offenders. Alderman Mike Morris filed a motion to approve the resolution that was seconded by Jerry Connell. All board members approved the resolution.
The GPD reported it issued 10 warrants, none of which were juvenile, and 65 city citations for the month of January.
“You can see by our police department report that our guys stay busy and they are doing a good job,” said Gleason Mayor Jack Dunning.
In public works news, it was reported there have not been many water or sewer problems thus far this winter, only normal repair work.
Connell, who also serves as Gleason fire chief, informed the board the department had recently had some of the windows tinted at the fire station. Connell claimed they had been having a lot of problems with the sun coming through the windows causing the paint on the fire trucks to fade.
“Everybody at the fire department really appreciated getting that done,” said Connell. “It’s really nice.”
The Gleason Fire Department was also a recipient of an electronic defibulater donated by the Sadie Saves charity earlier that evening.
In Parks and Recreation news, Dunning reported the overhang on the old concession stand at Huggins Park had been replaced. Personnel had also filled in some holes on the structure where squirrels had chewed through to get into the attic. They painted the entire building with some paint left over from where the Baptist church had previously painted the pavilion. The lights were removed from the pavilion because they were allegedly “getting torn up all of the time.”
The Snider Park building replacement project is under way. Last year, high winds blew the old one away. Insurance money paid for the project.
The metal siding for the building arrived Thursday and should be put on some time this week.
A letter was received from Weakley County Director of Schools Randy Frazier requesting that there be no games or practices scheduled during state testing from April 22-25. Connell filed a motion that was seconded by Diane Poole. All board members approved.
The next meeting for the Gleason Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be held at 7 p.m. March 8 at Gleason City Hall.

WCP 2.14.12