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Dresden police look to combat crime

Dresden police look to combat crime
Following the directives of the Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the Dresden Police Department was able to make four arrests for drug possession and DUI during the last week as it intensifies its efforts at enforcing the law within the city.
Dresden Mayor Danny Forrester met with Weakley County General Sessions Judge Tommy Moore last week and plans to meet with other members of the judicial system, area police chiefs, law enforcement officials, local defense lawyers and prosecutors in the very near future to ensure the Dresden Police Department is properly trained and educated in the latest criminal law.
He also is looking to get more training for investigation techniques, evidence storage and handling, trial preparation and courtroom testimony and presentation, according to a press release issued by the City of Dresden.
Forrester said he expects the Dresden Police Department to assist the state in prosecuting criminal cases and insists that each officer be prepared and trained to ensure that cases are not dismissed due to inefficiency or mistakes of the department.
Forrester added he commits to investigate and survey local police departments in the region and do all that can be done to make sure the Dresden Police Department is the best small town police department that can be produced with the budget of the city.
The mayor also stated the department will become even more involved in the Weakley County Coalition Against Drug Abuse and Violence, the 27th Judicial Drug Task Force and the 27th Judicial District Drug Court, making sure officers are assigned to these groups and attend the scheduled meetings and programs.  
Forrester, DPD Chief Randal Walker and the board of mayor and aldermen will also begin this week organizing community forums to discuss issues and to listen to the community in regard to crime and other problems.  
The mayor said he thanks the citizens for the favorable comments he has received over the last several days concerning the fight against crime and drug/alcohol abuse and encourages citizens to continue to provide input and comments.

WCP 2.14.12