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Jowers throws hat in ring for Senate race

Jowers throws hat in ring for Senate race
Jowers throws hat in ring for Senate race | Jowers throws hat in ring for Senate race

Danny Jowers
Staff Reporter
County Commissioner Danny Jowers has thrown his hat in the ring for the state Senate seat being vacated by Roy Herron of Dresden.
The Kenton resident will be running on the Republican ticket for the office.
Jowers has turned in his petition and is eager to get his campaign into high gear with a very simple message.
“I think we’ve lost our insight into what we need to be doing up there,” he told The Messenger today.
He said he believes job creation and job retention are the main issues for this region and, if elected to represent the six counties in the 24th senatorial district, Jowers said those will be his highest priorities.
“I’m thinking about what’s best for this county and all the counties that make up the 24th senatorial district and that’s why I’m running,” he said.
Jowers’ background includes serving as a Kenton alderman from 1995 until 2000 and he is currently serving his third term on the Obion County Commission. He has served as chairman of the commission’s powerful Budget Committee for eight years. He earned a bachelor of science degree in agriculture from the University of Tennessee at Martin.
In addition to his experience in local government and agriculture, Jowers also has been involved in law enforcement in Florida and has some background in business.
He currently serves as director of Obion County Emergency Management, a position he has held since 2009. If elected, he will be required to take a leave of absence from his job and he said that is a personal sacrifice he is willing to make.
As for his approach to serving the people in the state Senate, he said he would continue to listen to the needs of those he serves. It’s a philosophy that has served him well on the county commission.
Jowers believes strongly that small businesses are the key to this region’s economic future and he said the focus should be on “working with small businesses to help them stay and thrive here.”
“We also need to look hard at working with industries and get the government off the backs off small businesses,” he said.
He said he is realistic about what goals he can achieve in the state Senate. He said such issues as national health care and national energy policy are not issues that the state Senate should be working on, but instead the upper body of the state Legislature should be focused on issues relative to what’s going on in Tennessee.
Jowers said he is fully committed to running for the state Senate. He said he will dedicate his time to getting his message out to the residents of the 24th district.
He did say the issue of campaign financing has gotten way out of control and the misconception that it takes thousands of dollars to succeed in a political race is something he finds “appalling.”
“It costs way too much to run for political office,” Jowers said. “It shouldn’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
Jowers said he plans to run a “bare bones” campaign that is clean and focused on the issues.
“Some of the people I’ve talked to feel like they’ve lost their representation in Nashville,” he said.
He said he will strive to get out and get acquainted with as many of the people in the district as possible.
“What bothers me the most is I won’t be able to get out to all the people,” Jowers said.
Among some of the top projects in the district that will be key issues during the campaign include I-69 and other major road projects in the region, the Cates Landing project in Lake County, projects at Everett-Stewart Regional Airport and economic development.
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Published in The Messenger 2.13.12

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