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Hornbeak considers options for cracks

Hornbeak considers options for cracks
Staff Reporter
Hornbeak officials will be looking at options to deal with cracks in the foundation at the town’s fire station.
The problem was addressed during Tuesday night’s meeting of Hornbeak’s mayor and board of aldermen after it was mentioned by alderman Cody Caksackkar.
Caksackkar, also a firefighter for the Hornbeak Volunteer Fire Department, told his fellow aldermen the foundation at the fire station had broken some more, creating a gap and causing the floor to shift.
Aldermen inquired about what repairs could be made in order to possibly prolong the use of the building until a new building can be constructed in the future. Alderman Leon Walden asked about figuring out a solution and the costs and alderman Paul Truett asked if it would wait until after the town’s sewer project is completed.
Vice Mayor Dennis Dozier asked about the possibility of a building the town could rent for storage of the town’s fire equipment in the meantime and city recorder Joyce Truett mentioned the former Blackley Chevrolet garage.
Caksackkar said the fire station’s concrete floor was torn up about 20 years ago and repaired, noting it had been holding up until recently.
Walden said town officials need to check with businessman Tim Blackley to see if he would be willing to lease the former Chevrolet building for the fire department’s equipment. Aldermen also planned to examine the damage themselves to get a better idea of what is occurring.
Hornbeak Fire Chief Bob Reavis told The Messenger the problem with the foundation has been an ongoing problem. He said the aging firehouse was built over some fill and it has been repaired in the past, but it has now cracked again on one side.
He said the floor has “popped” where the fire department’s new tanker is parked, explaining the trucks and equipment parked there today are heavier than those which were housed in the fire station many years ago.
Reavis said it is not a good situation, but it has not created a hazard thus far. He said officials are going to have to address the problem, however.
He also said the town is checking into the possibility of using another building.
In other action during Tuesday night’s meeting, Hornbeak’s board:
• Was updated on several things by city recorder Joyce Truett. She said she passed her last certified financial officer test and has additional test dates schedule and she informed the board she needs to purchase an updated version of Quickbooks software.
She also announced baseball league signups scheduled for Saturday and Feb. 25 from noon to 6 p.m. at Hornbeak City Hall.
• Was informed by alderman Debi Jerden that there is a significant hole on Johnson Street which needs repair.
• Learned field work is continuing for the town’s proposed annexation project.
• Approved the payments of several items, including reimbursement to Reavis for $379.98 for the purchase of a light bar for a fire department van and an invoice from Wood Communications for parts to repair damage to surge protection equipment for the town’s repeater at the water plant.
• Approved a Rural Development loan resolution pertaining to improvements or extensions to the town’s wastewater system to accept a grant in an amount not to exceed $33,000.
• Accepted a surety bond, an annual item which also pertains to the town’s sewer.
• Learned Ms. Truett had received the $23,000-plus funds from cemetery investments and checked interest rates with local banks. The board then approved placing the funds at Reelfoot Bank, which has a branch in Hornbeak.
Aldermen Lynn Finch and Christina Gray were absent from Tuesday night’s meeting.
Staff Reporter Chris Menees may be contacted by email at Published in The Messenger 2.8.12