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The County Connection – 1.31.12

The County Connection – 1.31.12

Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2012 11:16 am
By: Shawn Francisco and Marci Floyd, Special to The Press

Can you believe a month of 2012 is gone? Remember, this is the final month of timely paying your 2011 property taxes.
We would like to remind you to have those payments into the trustee’s office or postmarked by Feb. 29.  Any 2010 taxes that remain unpaid as of March 1, will be turned over to the delinquent tax attorney for collection.  Remember, you can pay a little each week until then and hopefully avoid any additional costs.
This is a great time of the year to sign up for the automatic bank draft program. There is no charge for this service. A form was mailed out with your tax bill.
All you need to do is complete the form and you can begin paying 1/12th of your bill each month beginning in March. It can be drafted out of a checking or savings account. This is a wonderful way to budget your county property taxes.
Also, any unpaid 2011 personal property taxes, which are levied on business furnishings and equipment, need to be paid by Feb. 29.  
This year the trustee’s office will be issuing distress warrants for any unpaid 2011 personal property taxes.  Anyone in business as of Jan. 1 of any given year is responsible for the entire year’s tax, even if they ceased operations prior to Dec. 31 of that same year.
 It is very important if you have closed a business to contact the Weakley County Assessor’s office at 364-3677 so the business can be removed from the tax roll.  
You also need to file a final return with the state of Tennessee to close out the business. You can obtain forms and much more useful information at under the “Business Tab.”
Please continue to email us with any questions or concerns you have about your county government at or
Editor’s note: Marci Floyd is Weakley County Trustee and Shawn Francisco serves as the county’s finance director.

WCP 1.31.12

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