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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 6:20 pm

Questions on resident’s mind

To The Editor:
I have been thinking about writing this letter for quite some time and have decided to finally do it.
I have some questions for the drivers in our area as follows:
Is it too much to ask for a blinker notification when you are turning or changing lanes? Also, it is too much trouble to turn your lights on when it is foggy, cloudy or rainy?
These two things, which are not really hard to do, could save both yourself and others around you a lot of problems or maybe even danger. Think about this.
Also, now, my last question. Recently we had quite a big item in our area when our local officials found a large area of marijuana and removed the marijuana and burned it. Now, my question is: Has no one been officially connected to this project who could be arrested and made to pay for this crime? I am sure I am not the only citizen in this area who would like to have some answers, or are we just supposed to forget about it as if it never happened? Can anyone shed any light on this situation?
Helen Clifford
Union City
Pardons found
to be appalling
To The Editor:
I am appalled by the news I heard recently on CNN. A governor has the authority to pardon killers, rapists and armed robbers —199 prisoners, 14 of which were murderers. They are able to live as though they never committed heinous crimes while some people can’t even get a job because they have a felony on their record, which is nothing compared to the crimes of those in Mississippi.
I take this very personally. I have a niece who was murdered in Michigan in 2010. She was 16 years old. The two men that killed her have been sentenced to 25 to 50 years and 35 to 65 years, respectively. I think I would go ballistic if that happened in Michigan.
I think the American people should not let this happen. They need to take action like they did when the banks tried to overcharge people.
To me, this is a good reason for police, detectives and judges to lay down their guns, badges and gavels. They risk their lives to put these monsters behind bars, out of society, and then one person can pardon them.
I, as a Christian, will not stand for this and I hope the Christians and America, the beautiful, will get things in proper perspective before God says He’s had enough.
Doris Fay Marshall
Union City

Published in The Messenger 2.1.12