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Crystal FCE Club holds January meeting

Crystal FCE Club holds January meeting

Posted: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 6:20 pm

The Messenger 02.01.12

The Crystal Family and Community Education Club held its January meeting at the Obion County Museum, with president Nadine Killion presiding.
Lupita Berner gave the devotional entitled, “The Best of Life,” and she concluded with a prayer for the new year.
Ms. Killion reminded everyone the CVU reports would be due May 1. Also, the creative writings will be due on that date.
She reported the county council met recently and announced committee members appointed by the county council will include June Bennett, by-laws; and Jane Fisher and Sherry Hanna, yearbook committee.
It was suggested there be a telephone committee used instead of a letter to remind members of the upcoming meetings. The hostess each month would start the phone calls after talking with the president about any new business. She would call the person below her on the official roll and the calls would continue in the manner of “call the person below your name” on the official roll. They would give the time, place and items to bring to meeting.
There were four members who attended a Leadership in Action meeting held in Jackson. They reported on the workshops each attended and stated there were several new members attending district FCE.
Each individual must keep Reading Certificate involvement, listing the books read and the author plus the category. They must also keep a list of newspapers read and magazines. All forms needed for FCE projects and activities are found on the state
Upcoming events include the Chicken Scratch Workshop May 21 at the museum; Cultural Skills Day Sept. 13 in Jackson; a mini-conference July 31; Local Cultural Arts Day April 2 at Farm Bureau instead of the museum; Achievement Day March 12; a basket workshop March 2 or 5; and Westover Market Nov. 2 and 3.
Benita Giffin, agricultural extension agent, presented a program on “Falls and Fractures.” She reported that if you take care of your overall health, you may lower your chances of falling.
Some hints that will help avoid falls included: staying physically active; having your eyes and hearing tested; finding out about the side effects of any medication you take; getting enough sleep; standing up slowly; using a walking stick if you need help when you walk; being very careful when walking on wet or icy surfaces; and wearing non-skid, rubber-soled, low-heeled shoes or lace-up shoes with non-skid soles that fully support your feet.
She also reported there are changes someone can make to their home to make it safer, such as installing handrails on both sides of stairs; always holding to one side when going up or down; having good lighting at the top and bottom of stairs; keeping walking areas tidy; and checking carpets to be sure they are fixed firmly to the floor.
In the bathroom, use a memory foam mat in the tub. Also, grab rails are useful inside and outside the tub and shower. Keep electric cords and telephone wires near the walls and away from walking path.
Arrange furniture in a manner that does not interfere with traffic from room to room and never use a chair for a ladder, according to information presented in Mrs. Giffin’s prorgram.
A delicious snack and dessert were served by Lupita Berner and Maurice McKinnis.
The meeting adjourned for lunch. After lunch, the craft activity was a small picture frame covered with stones for decorations.

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