Titan Tire expects 300 jobs by year’s end

Titan Tire expects 300 jobs by year’s end
Titan Tire expects 300 jobs by year’s end | Titan Tire expects 300 jobs by year’s end

Titan Tire chairman Bill Campbell said he expects up to 300 jobs to be created at the plant by the end of this year.
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By the end of this year, Titan Tire plans to have 300 jobs created at the Union City plant, according to Titan Tire chairman Bill Campbell.
He told The Messenger during an interview this morning that Titan Tire plans to create a “condo factory” that will involve a Titan Tire operation at the plant as well as several other industries operating in the facility.
“We’re going to create businesses within the plant,” Campbell said.
He explained Titan Tire will use the local plant to produce and redistribute materials to other Titan Tire plants.
The local plant will be involved in utilizing a process that squeezes rubber onto fabric (nylon and polyester) and blends rubber and steel strands that will be used as tire belts for Titan Tire.
“We’ll have a distribution company come in and set up and they’ll handle logistics,” Campbell said.
What that means for the local plant is jobs will be created, but Titan Tire will play only a minimal direct role in actual job creation. The subcontractors that will work with Titan Tire at the local plant will be creating jobs by the end of the year.
As for the transition process, Campbell said everything is going smoothly. In fact, he had to cut this morning’s interview short in order to meet with a group of contractors.
“Things are going extremely well. We’re very happy,” he said.
He was recently named chairman of Titan Tire and is also vice president of Titan International.
Campbell stressed Titan Tire is interested in working on keeping work local at the plant.
“We want local people to benefit from this,” he said.
Campbell said he couldn’t provide any more specific details about how many companies would be set up inside the plant or when actual production would begin. He said the transition is a “work in progress.”
“We are looking to penetrate the local agricultural and construction markets down here,” he said.
As for local economic development officials, they continue to monitor the plant’s transition from Goodyear to Titan Tire.
“Titan Tire has indicated to me they are not interested in any local incentives at this time,” Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire told The Messenger today. He said he was pleased to hear about the job creation news coming from the local plant.
It was in mid-September 2011 that Titan Tire officially purchased the local Goodyear plant, which was shut down earlier in the year.
It was in mid-November 2011 that Titan Tire announced it had paid about $9 million for the former tire plant.
Maurice Taylor is the CEO of Titan Tire.
Under the purchase agreement between Goodyear and Titan Tire, the Des Moines, Iowa, company bought about 480 acres and the 2.1 million square-foot Goodyear plant.
Art Sparks, chairman of the Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation, said Obion County is fortunate to have a company like Titan Tire moving into the county.
“We are pleased to have Titan as a new citizen of Obion County,” he said. “Their reputation for turning around facilities is well known in the industry. I believe that they will contribute greatly to our community by providing much- needed jobs.”
Sparks added that much needs to be done moving forward — specifically the completion of I-69.
“I would challenge our representatives — Congressman Stephen Fincher, state Sen. Roy Herron, state Rep. Bill Sanderson and state Rep. Andy Holt — to continue to fight for funding for the completion of I-69 in our area,” he said. “That transportation system would seem to be very important to Titan as well as our other manufacturing and wholesale facilities as well as our retail community.”
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