CAP celebrates one-year anniversary

CAP celebrates one-year anniversary

Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:45 am

CAP celebrates one-year anniversary

The following current and prospective members of the Civil Air Patrol are (from left) C/Airman Basic Samuel Ward, Hannah Ward, Johnnie Mealer, C/Senior Master Sgt. Justin Mealer, C/Airman 1st Class Anthony Clark, Tech. Sgt. William Thralls

On Saturday, the Everett-Stewart Composite Squadron celebrated their one-year anniversary as a locally-chartered Civil Air Patrol unit. The event was held at Everett-Stewart Regional Airport in Union City.
The celebration began with an awards ceremony.

The following cadets received awards and promotions: C/Master Sgt. Justin Mealer of McKenzie was promoted to C/Senior Master Sgt. and received the General Jimmy Doolittle ribbon.
C/Staff Sgt. William Thralls of Union City was promoted to C/Technical Sgt. and received the Eddie Rickenbacker ribbon. C/Airman Anthony Clark of Mayfield, Ky., was promoted to C/Airman 1st Class and received the General Hap Arnold ribbon.

The Doolittle award is the seventh, the Rickenbacker award is the fifth and the Arnold award is the secondachievements in the Cadet Program for cadets, which are accomplished by passing leadership and aerospace tests, drill, moral leadership and active participation in the unit.  
The following cadets received a Certificate of Appreciation for their service to Civil Air Patrol during the last year: C/Senior Master Sgt. Mealer, C/Technical Sgt. Auriel Brock of Greenfield, C/Technical Sgt. Thralls, C/Airman 1st Class Clark, and C/Samuel Ward of Martin.

The following seniors received the Certificate of Appreciation for their service to the Civil Air Patrol during the last year: Captain Charlton Young of Murray, Ky., Capt. Thomas Culp of Union City, 2nd Lt. Stan Mitchell of Troy,  2nd Lt. Tony Lester of Union City, 2nd Lt. Camilla Young of Murray, Ky., 2nd Lt. Ronnie Waggoner of Union City, 2nd Lieutenant Terry Siglow of Union City, 2nd Lt. Chris Gooch of Troy, 2nd Lt. Diane Featherston of Sharon, 2nd Lt. Jon Clark of Mayfield, Ky., and Senior Member Jaclyn Cook of South Fulton. Cook also received the Chuck Yeager award. The Yeager award is obtained when a senior member has completed the Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM) exam.


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