W.C. General Sessions – 1.12.12

W.C. General Sessions – 1.12.12

Posted: Monday, January 16, 2012 1:13 pm

• Alice K. Adams – Aggravated domestic assault, dismissed.
• Joshua E. Brackett – Theft (four counts), guilty as charged.
• Nancy J. Brown – Assault, deferred.
• Suraji Dauda – Fraudulent use of a debit card, judicial diversion.
• Jack James Glisson II – Domestic assault, guilty plea to lesser charge.
• Stevie Ann Gray – Driving while suspended, guilty as charged and DUI 1st, guilty as charged.
• Rickey Dale Gunnells – Probation violation, guilty as charged; theft, guilty as charged.
• Amanda Leanne Hall – Assault (bodily injury), deferred; probation violation, dismissed.
• Taylor Blaine Jackson – Possession of alcohol under 21, judicial diversion.
• Thomas Hayden Jamison – Underage consumption, other.
• Courtney Johnson – Theft (up to $500), dismissed on payment of costs.
• Logan Charles Ledsinger – Open container, dismissed; underage consumption, other.
• Latricia D. Lasha Malone – Harassment, deferred-diversion; probation violation, dismissed.
• William Dale Morgan Jr. – Assault (bodily injury), deferred-diversion; probation violation, dismissed.
• Rachel L. Orman – Simple possession, judicial diversion.
• Julie L. Reeves – Open container, dismissed; underage consumption, other.
• Kevin Lee Williams – Criminal impersonation, guilty as charged.
• Dustin Yarbrough – Forgery, judicial diversion.
• Austin Wade Hopper – Hunting from aircraft/watercraft/motor vehicle prohibited (two counts), deferred-diversion; hunting/trapping without permission, deferred-diversion.
• Christopher Le Ballard – Failure to appear (misdemeanor), guilty as charged; probation violation, guilty as charged.
• Zachary Lynn Edwards – Probation violation, dismissed.
• Austin S. Smith – Underage consumption, other.
• Ethan David Spikes – Reckless driving, dismissed; false reports-solicitation, dismissed.

WCP 1.12.12


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