Letter to the WCP Editor – 1.10.12

Letter to the WCP Editor – 1.10.12

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 1:51 pm

To the Editor,
In the Jan. 5 edition of The Weakley County Press, Raymond Fletcher addressed the issue of recycling with one point stating, “It would also help people’s wallets if they stopped paying for the garbage man.” This is our experience on this subject.
On Nov. 7, 2011, we moved our office, the Acupuncture and Biofeedback Center, from Union City to Martin. At the end of December we received our first utility bill from the city. We were surprised to find that we were being charged for garbage pickup.
We called city hall to explain that we did not sign up for garbage services because our trash mostly consists of the acupuncture “needles” which  have to be disposed of differently. They referred us to Mayer Brundige.  Mayor Brundige explained that due to the current contract, we have to be charged for garbage even if we don’t need it or want it. It is in the contract and, therefore, he could do nothing. He was kind enough to credit us for the charges we had been billed, since we had never been given a trash receptacle. We finally received one Friday.
As a small business, the only way we can keep our doors open is to keep our costs in control. When overhead, taxes and business fees are raised, a business must raise its prices accordingly, just to stay even. I ask for a change in the contract when it comes up for renewal. We are, and will continue to be, charged for a service we do not need, and do not want.
We should be able to choose our services, or at least have a waiver option for cases such as ours.
The service we offer to the community is very unique. It doesn’t matter that we have herbs that can dissolve gall bladder stones thereby avoiding surgery if we have to continually raise our prices to cover our basic expenses. It is a lose-lose situation for everybody. Again, I ask for a change in the contract to give choice of services, or at least a waiver option.
Victoria Jones, CBP
Certified Biofeedback Practitioner
Acupuncture and Biofeedback Center

WCP 1.10.12


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