Resolving to get fit, stay fit in 2012

Resolving to get fit, stay fit in 2012
Resolving to get fit, stay fit in 2012 | The Sideline, Brian Smith, get healthy resolution

Brian Smith, physical therapist and The Sideline owner, offers tips to get healthy and stay healthy
Another year has come and gone. This is the time when people set new goals as everyone looks forward to a new year with brighter hopes and even bigger expectations.  There are many traditional New Year’s resolutions such as wanting to stop smoking, eating less fast food and beginning the search to find that special someone.  
One of the most popular resolutions typically is to exercise more to get in shape and improve health and overall quality of life.  This is even more important now than ever because obesity rates are climbing at an alarming rate.  
According to a USA Today study conducted last year on the “fattest states” in America, Tennessee ranked fourth only behind Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia.  Tennessee weighed in at a mind-blowing 31.9 percent of its residents as obese.  
With almost one-third of the state’s population projected as overweight, it is no surprise that people want to change their ways by getting more exercise this year. The Center for Disease Control states regular physical activity is one of the most important things a person can do for their health.  The CDC claims some benefits include, but are not limited to, controlling body weight, strengthening bones and muscles, and improving mental health.  Regular exercise can also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers.  All of these things combined lead to increased chances of living longer and improving one’s overall quality of life.
For those who have made it their goal to get healthier this year, The Sideline, located in Martin’s historic downtown business district offers services 24-7.  The Sideline has a new program available this year to help give members a jump-start on their new fitness goals.  
The 2012 Fitness Challenge is a spin-off of previous boot camp workout programs they have offered in the past, only with more focus on counseling and total health fitness.  
The program is set up for six Saturday mornings lasting two hours each.  
Participants will have the opportunity to work with two personal trainers while receiving initial and post weight and fitness assessments and personal trainer counseling on diet and fitness.  
Some of the varied fitness training and experiences include body pump, interval training, cycling, stretching and abdominal strengthening.  
The sessions are designed to stress the importance of why a person works out and enforces why to continue a normal workout regiment.
“The biggest thing we like to do is make sure the people are motivated.  We want to make sure they know why they are doing the things they are doing so they can stay with it, stay healthy and avoid injuries and diseases later on.
“If you care about what you are doing then you are going to be enthusiastic about it,” Josh Allen, fitness coordinator and personal trainer at The Sideline, said.
Another factor that may prevent people from continuing with a regular exercise program is having little knowledge of the many different types of workouts and equipment.
”The first piece of advice I give my clients is to not get discouraged with themselves when they first start.  I usually have them start off at about two or three days a week and then gradually progress towards five to six days as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine because they will tend to get tired, sore, and burnt out,” Sideline owner and physical therapist Brian Smith said.
 According to Smith, it is good to understand eating healthier can help increase a persons chances at success with a weight loss program.  Sometimes healthier food choices can be more expensive and time consuming, so people hit the drive through for a quick meal on the go.
“A common sense diet can be just as affordable as any other diet.
“Even fast food restaurants now offer healthy alternatives at prices comparable to what the other high fat choices are. Even at home you can start by choosing lean cuts of meat, whole wheat and whole grain products, along with more fruits and vegetables,” Smith added.

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