Martin board continues search for CD director

Martin board continues search for CD director

The pool of 25 applicants for Martin’s Community Development director position has dwindled to 12 people, but choosing the “right” person for the job is at an impasse.
During an informal session of the Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen, board members were unable to reach a final decision.
Two of the aldermen admitted they haven’t reviewed all of the applicants’ interviews, which were videotaped and provided to board members by human resource director Celeste Taylor before Christmas, because of technical difficulties.
Martin alderman David Belote said the board seemed “hesitant to break the ice” during the informal discussion.
“We have a job to do. There are good people here and they will be good people regardless of if they get the job or not. I would like to ask to be there when we narrow it down because I like to be face-to-face with these people,” Belote said.
“What we are looking for a person for community development. If we are going by this list, there are very few people on the list that have the community development experience we are looking for. There is only a handful,” he added.
Martin Mayor Randy Brundige reported there wasn’t a ceiling on the salary for the position, but $30,000-$55,000 was the range of salaries requested by applicants.
Brundige told board members there were a range of qualifications being sought and the duties of a community development director range from public relations to marketing the city.
“This person will be in charge of retail recruitment and coordinate activities inside the city limits with businesses. This person will be a PR (public relations) person and be able to attend functions involving public speaking. The community development director must be proactive in trying to recruit business and have a good rapport with the community,” Brundige explained.
He announced the position would be subject to regular performance evaluations and there is the possibility of the forming of a community development committee to oversee the position.
While none of the aldermen shared comments regarding specific applicants, alderman Danny Nanney asked board members to consider someone from Martin.
Belote asked if a candidate who is not from Martin would be willing to relocate, would board members consider the candidate.
Nanney agreed.
Brundige told aldermen to select their top three candidates by Monday for consideration.
Selected candidates would then be reinterviewed by board members.
The field of 12 seeking the position include:
• Walter Benson;
• Walter Harris;
• Lori Hendon;
• Robert “Lew” Jetton;
• Jennifer Jones;
• Brenda Scott;
• Bradley Thompson;
• Hollie Holt;
• Jodi Benson;
• David Sudberry;
• Lance Young;
• Sharyse Diggs-Chandler.

• Rebecca Covington

In department head reports, Martin Police Chief David Moore reported the New Year’s Eve safety bus offered by the department each year was successful in reducing the number of alcohol-related crashes and DUI arrests over the weekend.
He said there was an estimated 100 people who rode the safety bus and there were no DUI arrests or alcohol-related accidents reported over the weekend.
Martin Public Works director Billy Wagster reported the city’s sewer rehab project is under way. Wagster said several thousand feet of pipe need to be laid by Feb. 10 under the grant requirements.
Martin Parks and Recreation director Brian Moore announced trout fishing is going strong at the MRC lake.
Moore said there were 900 trout placed in the lake in December and another 750 trout were added a few days ago.
The largest trout are reportedly around two pounds. Fishermen must have a trout fishing license as well as a Tennessee fishing license.
In finance news, city recorder Chris Mathis announced state-shared revenues and sales tax collections have increased form last year. Mathis said more details would be announced during the board meeting planned for Monday.
The board of mayor and aldermen will meet at 5:15 p.m. Monday in the city courtroom for its formal session.

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